The Sanyu Residence is a large cylindrical building occupied by Sanyu Kazan, and later Ikumi Tatsumaki and is located close to Tanzō's smith. The building like most of the other buildings in Kirigakure, is cylindrical in design. The building itself is two stories high, made of grey-colored stone and possess vegetation on the light brown-colored roof. Originally the building belonged to Sumire Yuki, but when she died, Sanyu moved out and the house became abandoned for the next several years until he moved back in after becoming a Hunter-nin. The house would later be partially destroyed when Arashi Tatsumaki attempted to kill Sanyu with explosive tags. By the time of the Fourth Shinobi World War, the house has been shown to be fully repaired.


  • The vegetation on the roof is stated to be blueberry bushes.
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