Sakurai Clan


(さくらい, Sakurai)



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Known Members

Hana Sakurai

Kenta Sakurai (related by marriage)

Arata Sakurai

Kairi Sakurai (related by marriage)

Koga Sakurai

Itoe Sakurai (related by marriage)

Shiho Sakurai

Keiji Sakurai (related by marriage)

Ginta Sakurai

Sawako Sakurai (related by marriage)

Yuna Sakurai

Daisuke Sakurai (related by marriage)

Nobu Sakurai

Yukiji Sakurai (related by marriage)

Akashi Sakurai

Hatsumomo Sakurai

Shouta Sakurai

Kikyo Sakurai (related by marriage)

Shiori Sakurai

Asuna Sakurai

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The Sakurai Clan is a fictional Clan made by Kim (ChuChuAsu on DA) to fit into the Naruto Universe.


The Sakurai Clan was founded shortly after the founding of Konohagakure by Hana Sakurai. Hana has always been a lonely woman, trying to find the perfect man and settle down to be a mother. But she could never find such a man. She created five extremely strong Chakra sucking Jutsus, and killed hundred of men out of bitterness ,using her own creations. When she turned 35, she finally found a lovely man, that loved her. He knew that she was a murderer and made her stop the useless killing. She finally could settle down and bear children. She beared 5 children until she turned 40, and teached them her 5 Chakra sucking Jutsus. She teached the using of Chakra Senbon to Arata, the using of Chakra pulses to Koga, the using of Chakra Poison to Shiho, the using of her Chakra Sword to Ginta and the using of Chakra Wire to Yuna. Her 5 Children got married and created the 5 legendary Sakurai Families. Because of this, Every Sakurai Family uses a different Chakra Sucking Jutsu. Chakra Senbon, Pulses, Poison, Swords and Wire. Hana died at the Age of 55 and Arata, as the oldest Sibling, became the new Clan leader. Furthermore the Chakra Senbon using Family, Aratas Family, has been the Clan leading Family until Akashi died without giving rise to a Boy. As he and Nobu, the son of Arata and the last Chakra Senbon Family Clan Leader died, the Chakra Pulses using Family took over the Clan, until Asuna or Hatsumo will may bear a Boy, that can handle the Jutsu and wants to take over the Clan.

This system works that well, because the Sakurai Siblings never looked after glory and force. They accepted the leading of Arata, and the following Sakurais accepted the old rules of their Family.

Clan Symbol

The symbol looks like a flower. This refers to the Founders Name, Hana, which means Flower.


Sakurais seem to have blonde or brown Hair. But overall everyone looks different, since no one is a 100% Sakurai.

Sakurais always wear their Clan Symbol, but they wear it in a Color they choosed. That's why the Symbol itself is black on scrolls and other documents.

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