Saka Clan
Saka Symbol
坂 slope

Home Village


Kekkei Genkai


Known Members

Madara Uchiha

Kenji Saka (father of Misha and head of clan)

Mia Saka (mother of Misha)

Lu Saka (sister of Misha)

Misha Saka (main OC)

Haya Saka (cousin of Misha)

The Saka Clan is was one of the noble clans of Konohagakure, and is within the Village Hidden in the Leaf. They have strong ties with the Uchiha Clan and the Ame Clan


Long ago, The Saka Clan was from The Land of The Trolls. They lived in the mountains, hidden away from harm. One day, for some unknown reason, they disbanded. Half went to The Land of Fire, while half scattered across many lands. The Saka’s soon became a major clan in Konoha, making them feared among other lands. Their bloodline, the Rosette, makes them faster and stronger, but makes their chakra drop drastically. It is said that they are able to beat a Uchiha in a fair fight, but they are forbidden to tell.

The Saka’s and Uchiha’s joined an unbreakable bond. Through Marriage. Misha Saka and Sasuke Uchiha were to be married, becoming the first of a long line to come.

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