Rashinban Tanken

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Rashinban Tanken

Literal English

Compass Daggers

English TV

Compass Rose Blades


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Sanger Kazan
Shirako Yuki

The Rashinban Tanken (羅針盤短剣, Literally meaning: Compass Daggers) refers to a set of four blades that when used together can create various powerful ninjutsu. Each of the Rashinban Tanken resemble kris daggers and two are made from a unknown black metal, while the other two are made from an unknown white metal. Sanger and his daughter Shirako refer to the four blades as Kita (北), Azuma (東), Minami (南) and Nishi (西).

While the main purpose of the blades are to be used together to create different barriers, each of the four Rashinban Tanken is a formidable weapon by itself and can be infused with chakra in a manner similar to Asuma's trench knives or Sanger's double-bladed sword. Each blade has also been stated to have a unique ability. However, to utilize these abilities, the user must imprint themselves with a Sun and Moon Seal. Sanger has also modified the blades by attaching sealing tags to them to prevent them from being removed from the ground by anybody other than himself.

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  • It is currently unknown where these daggers originate from nor where Sanger got them, though it was implied that they are from the time of the Sage of the Six Paths.
  • Sanger has stated that he does not like talking about how he got the Rashinban Tanken. It is implied that the process involved killing Arashi Tatsumaki.
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