Rainbow Release is a Kekkei Genkai found mainly in Akarugakure (る 隠 れ れ の 里, Viz English TV; Hidden Village in Brightness) in Land of Lightning. This Kekkei Genkai is extremely powerful, since its users can use their chakra to refract the light through water molecules to create powerful colored light beams. It is only known that it is formed by the primary element Water (Suiton) and believe that there is fusion with Yin Release and the primary element Lightning (Raiton), what makes it a Kekkei Töta. There are no known users of this technique, although the Akarugakure Enlightenment Squad uses this technique quite a bit. The disadvantage of this Kekkei Genkai is the dark and dry environments, without the presence of water or light, there is no way to generate the rainbow. However, there are shinobis strong enough to convert Chakra into Light. This kekkei genkai is represented by the Boar's hand seal.

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