Plasma Release

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Plasma Release

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Plasma Style



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Kekkei Genkai, Ninjutsu, Senjutsu

Basic Natures

18px-Nature Icon Storm.svg Storm Release

18px-Nature_Icon_Yang_svg.png Yang Release

Known Wielders

Ryuun Shukiro

Tanakuya Shukiro


Plasma Release: Absolute Control

Plasma Release: Dashing Orbs

Plasma Release: Giant Gathering Plasma Assault

Plasma Release: Gliding Dragon

Plasma Release: Dragonic Energy

Plasma Release: Innumerable Laser Circus

Plasma Release: Massive Plasma Wall

Plasma Release: Purple Energy Staff

Plasma Release: Tunneling Laser

Plasma Release: Secure Cube

Sage Art: Destructive Five-Headed Dragon

Plasma Release (血漿, Kesshō; "Plasma Release") is the result of Storm Release chakra being empowered by Yang Release, and Natural Energy. This immensely strengthens the superheating, allowing attacks to disintegrate stronger metals and jutsu even faster; being able take on a Tailed Beast, combat the Senjutsu powered Wood Release, and even the Truth-Seeking Ball - as it is, by default, Senjutsu. These techniques require large amounts of chakra and concentration; making these techniques extremely difficult to learn, but immensely powerful as a result. Also, Ryuun has stated that, with his Yang Release chakra, he is able to create techniques that can act on its own free will; much like Gaara's sand before losing his Tailed Beast.


  • Ryuun himself stated that Yang Release is the catalyst of this Kekkei Genkai being more physical than Storm Release.
  • Because of the amount of chakra required to perform these techniques, only Ryuun Shukiro and Tanakuya Shukiro were able to create this chakra because of their immense chakra reserves for being descendants of the Uzumaki, and the Tailed Beasts they possess.
  • Due to the fact that Natural Energy is required to create this chakra, Tanakuya and Ryuun don't add Sage Art to the name of most of the jutsu that use this chakra.
  • The color of these techniques depend on the Storm Release chakra that the person creates. Because of this, Tanakuya's plasma release appear red while Ryuun's appears purple as their genetic makeup for Storm Release techniques are slightly different.
  • Ryuun was unable to decide whether to classify this as a Kekkei Genkai, a Hiden, Senjutsu, or simply a new type of chakra. Even after the world war he was unsure; ending up with classifying it as a Kekkei Genkai since it requires Storm Release chakra.
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