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(鬼若一族, Oniwaka Ichizoku)


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Heibō Oniwaka
Tomoe Oniwaka
Saibō Oniwaka
Yobō Oniwaka
Sodebō Oniwaka
Benbō Oniwaka
Keibō Oniwaka


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The Oniwaka Clan (鬼若一族, Oniwaka Ichizoku) is the head clan of Higakure, each Village Head comes from the Oniwaka Clan.



The Oniwaka Clan was founded by twin brothers, Benbō and Keibō Oniwaka, during the Warring States Period. The clan originally established itself in the Land of Light to protect its villages from bandits and mercenaries. Eventually the Oniwaka's created the Land of Light's shinobi village, Higakure. Each Village Head of Higakure comes from the Oniwaka Clan


The Oniwaka's have a tale which is passed down through the generations explaining the origins of Higakure and their role in its creation. The tale goes that the two brothers, Benbō and Keibō, were raised by their father on a distant mountain, and taught the Way of the Shinobi. Following their father's death the twins set out to learn more about shinobi, and learn new and exotic jutsu. While travelling the brothers came upon a village being harassed by bandits. The brothers, using their superior skills, dispatched them, gaining the thanks of the villagers, who told them that many villages in their country were plagued by similar bandits. The brother's decided that this was their calling, to protect the people of that country, the Land of Light and to teach others of the land to defend themselves. The brothers built a small settlement upon a large mesa near the centre of the Land of Light, and as more and more people came, asking for instruction in the shinobi arts the brothers formed their settlement into the hidden village of Higakure.

The Death of Keibō

The village was assailed be a group of missing-nin shortly after its formal creation, at this time none of those who had come to seek training had reached a skill high enough to aid in the defence of the village, and so it was left to Benbō and Keibō to defend Higakure. During the fight one of the enemy ninja lunged toward Benbō from behind with a sword. Keibō, noticing the attack, leaped into the path of the blade, impaling himself in the process, but defending Benbō from being slain. After the battle a great shrine was built in the centre of the mesa on which the village lay, honouring Keibō who was known from then on as Keibō of the Sacrifice (犠牲の慶坊, Gisei no Keibō).

Other Clan Members


  • The Oniwaka Clan functions as the monarchical leaders of Higakure
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