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Ōkami clan (大神一族, Ōgami Ichizoku)


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Naruto: Generation


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Claw Extension
Eye of the Predator
Ultimate Sonic Roar
Wolf Barrage
Wolf Beast Clone
Wolf Drill
Wolf Enhancement Jutsu
Sonic Roar

The Ōkami clan (大神一族, Ōgami Ichizoku) or Ōkami family (大神家, Ōgami-ke) is a family of shinobi in Konohagakure known for their use of wolves as fighting companions and their mastery in taijutsu.


The members are given their own wolf partner(s) when they reach the age of five. Thereafter, the shinobi and their wolf(s) are practically inseparable. The shinobi and wolf allies fight using collaboration jutsu, such as the Wolf Drill or Wolf Barrage techniques amongst others. Unlike the Inuzuka clan, all wolves, unless they are newborns, are able to talk. The members of this clan, much like their wolf partners, have greatly enhanced senses especially the sense of hearing. By concentrating chakra to their ears, this sense is amplified to an even greater extent allowing the user to be able to detect, track and monitor targets from fairly long distance away. The clan's fighting style primarily revolves around their enhanced speed, strength and agility granted by the Wolf Enhancement Jutsu and other wolf-based attacks, in conjunction with the tactical advantages granted by their heightened senses.


  • "Ōkami" (大神) means wolf, which is what this clan is based off of, since they specialize in wolf-related jutsus, their clan symbol is of a wolf paw-print, and all members of this clan can summon wolves.
  • White, blonde, and light brown hair is common among members of the Ōkami clan.
  • Most people in the Ōkami clan like to marry within the clan so that none of their jutsu can be stolen, but there is an exception every once in a while.
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