Welcome to the Naruto Originals Wiki (N.O.W. to the cool kids), a webspace devoted to cataloguing good original characters in the Naruto fandom, where only the top roleplayers, fanfiction writers, and fanartists on the internet are listed. This site was originally developed by fellow creator and avid supporter of OCs allismine in January 2009.

There's no sugar-coating it, people. The significant majority of original characters in this fandom (or any fandom) are flat-out Mary Sues. What we are trying to do here is reduce the discrimination and stereotyping the OC-inclusion genre faces on a regular basis by proving not all OCs suck.

Oh, yeah. I can imagine how hard it is for some of you to read that last line and not call shenanigans. Trust me, they exist. This wiki is determined to prove it.

  1. For creators. Having your original character accepted as a page on this site would deem you and your esteemed creation the cream of the proverbial crop. As with the permissions of any wikia, you are given free creative reign to upload pictures, data, and links related to your OC on their page at any time; as this wiki grows in size, the reputability and popularity of those who have pages, deemed best of the best, are available for the world to see.
  1. For working and prospective writers. Still working on your character? No fear! Creating a test article on your user page is the perfect opportunity for you to put your character into perspective by sketching out his / her entire plotline and purpose within the story, and also to feather out / develop your character(s) further, giving the general public, moderators, and sysop alike a chance to provide critique on your talk pages; the latter gives the creator the opportunity to
  1. For readers. The skeptics, the supporters, the sporkers; anyone looking for a good OC story to read would simply have to browse around for something that catches their eye, ensured that nothing which is posted here isn't quality.

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