Like any website with many users, the N.O.W. has rules that all users should know and follow in order to keep everything pleasant and flowing.

Article Rules

1. Whenever writting an article, ALWAYS use the article template. This is a basic template that will make sure your article is clean and following the basic guidelines of the N.O.W.

2. Grammar, spelling and punctuation is vital. If you have spelling problems, copy-paste your paragraphs into Word Document and correct the spellings. Alternatively, you can ask one of the users to 'scan' the article for you, however it is suggested that you do this yourself. Current users who offer scans: XStarcandy (if you would like to volounteer, add your name and hyperlink it to your userpage here.)

3. Avoid using bulletpoints. These should only be used in the trivia, extrenal links and sometimes abilities sections. They make the article difficult to read and messy.

4. ALWAYS write in article format. Do not use smileys (e.g. ^_^ XD :3) or personal comments like "I wanted to make her eyes blue but _____", all articles must be written in third person perspective. If you need reference, look at articles on Narutopedia .

5. If you use someone else's pictures, stories, anything, always place links to their pages or their usernames in the Reference section of the article.

6. Your links and usernames that are other than Wikia pages need to be put either on your userpage, or in the External Links section of your article

7. No swearing, txt talk, Wapanese/Weeaboo terms. Standard English please.

Character Rules

1. No Mary-Sues. Please read the Mary Sue article and ensure you know what will be considered MSish. Users will usually comment on the article talk page and let you know if the OC is a Sue, so even if you're not sure, we will help you out.

2. Be careful when your OC is involved in the original Naruto plot, has original Naruto attributes such as a Kekkei Genkai etc and do make sure that your OC fits the original information. E.g. your OC won't be 16 if they were born after the Second Shinobi War.

User Etiquette

1. Never edit anyone's character informartion. It is ok to edit an arctile if you want to clean it up, correct a spelling or grammar error or add a missing category, but NEVER ever change what the user has written.

2. Be polite to others. Even if someone's character sucks, be nice and give feedback on what is wrong and how can it be improved. Don't be rude to Mary-Sues, again, just point out what is wrong and give tips.

3. If another user is breaking rules or doing something that bothers you, contact an adminitrator. Do not do anything that can be used against you later, we're being fair on here.