Mizushima Clan


(島一, Mizushima Ichizoku)



18px-Konohagakure Symbol.svg Konohagakure



Known Members

Aika Mizushima
Amaru Mizushima
Azami Mizushima
Kaitō Mizushima
Mabari Mizushima
Masao Mizushima
Naoko Mizushima
Taoka Mizushima
Ushi Mizushima
Yukari Mizushima
Yūko Mizushima
Yūsuke Mizushima

Affiliate Clans

Akiyama Akiyama Clan


Water Release: Immense Cooling
Fire Release: Forge Heat

The Mizushima clan (水島一族, Mizushima Ichizoku) is a blacksmith shinobi clan found in Konohagakure. They use their fire release and water release jutsus to help forge the weapons they make. The clan was in good standing relationship with Iwagakure's Akiyama Clan before it's destruction. Following it's demise, the Mizushima's adopted in both Ōkami and Kasumi Akiyama.


The Mizushima clan is a fairly large group of shinobi, whom have learned to develop and use specific jutsu for smithing weapons of all sorts. For this reason, a treaty was formed between the clan and the Akiyama clan.

They often work in pairs, unless the user in question has learned both Water Release: Immense Cooling and Fire Release: Forge Heat. They create fine work at a high price, which is why business fell after the downfall of the Akiyama clan. Often these pairs are household members, as each household has it's own forge.


Coming of Age

All members of the Mizushima clan are encouraged to partake in the coming of age ceremony. They are not recognized as adults until they have succeeded in doing so. The purpose of the ceremony is to evaluate their work and see if they are fit enough to produce high quality pieces that will please the customer and not tarnish their reputation. Coming of Age ceremonies are typically held when they are 13 years of age but some participate older or younger. When they participate the first time is determined by the head of their household, usually a parent that has been overseeing them.

Coming of Age ceremonies are a clan wide affair, and as such, many show up to watch groups of young Mizushimas attempt to pass their ceremony and scout what kind of work they can accomplish. The children also spend weeks preparing and designing what they will forge.


The Mizushimas are famous for their smithing and exceptionally high brute strength. They have a natural aptitude for bukijutsu and base their main attacks around their skill of weaponry. This weaponry is created within the clan, and the children learn to work the forge from the time they are six years old.

Clan members have high strength stats and good endurance, and most others lack in their genjutsu skills and seal knowledge. They are also quite slow in their attack speed but can land devastating hits, seen when one member broke another shinobi's arm with a firm grip, or Amaru who can pick grown men up by their collars and hold them off of the ground; even throwing them long distances.


  • Their family crest is that of a hammer and forge, representing their work.
  • It is not often that a clan member fails the coming of age ceremony, but isn't unheard of.
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