Mizuki is the elder sister to Hoshi and they were both born to the Aya Clan.

Other than the rivalry with her sister in their early years during Academy Years, Mizuki is Considered to be have a normal average Kunoichi.

Due to how quiet she was Mizuki never interacted with other much until she was Placed on a team with Hoshi and Keigan.


Unlike her younger sister Mizuki is very quiet and keeps to herself. She tends to be shy though during times she can be very outspoken. Mizuki is also very smart and calculates very well in battle.

Her two partners benefit from her knowledge and calculations.

Because of how quiet Mizuki is, most mistake Hoshi for the elder sister, which brings out her talkative and outspoken side.

Keigan often pokes fun at Mizuki for her reaction to being thought to being younger.

Unlike her sister and partner Mizuki isn't very close with Shinju, their sensi.

Though in battle she is backup she feels like it's her partners protecting her instead of the other way around. Which brings Mizuki to the conclusion that she isn't as a strong as her other two partners.In-which brings Mizuki to a breaking point that she becomes cold, cruel and ruthless and leaves Konoha to Join the Akatsuki.

She feels if she is with some of the top S-Ranks Criminals in the World maybe she'll be considered a Top Criminal Ninja.

After Joining the Akatsuki Mizuki becomes somewhat Cocky and Outspoken. She calculates that she will defeat every enemy she comes across.


Mizuki has long crimson waist length hair, her right eye is a faded shade of Amber due to the effect of giving away her Sharingan gift to her sister. While her left eye is a deep shade of Purple. Mizuki wears her hair in a high pony tail while her bangs are parted down the middle and framing her face.

Like her sibling Hoshi, she has rectangular markings on her face. Instead of being Blue they are Red instead.

Mizuki wears the standard Akatsuki cloak with the first few buttons undone, revealing a white turtle neck shirt, Which has a rectangular hole to reveal a large amount of clevage, and then starts again under her breasts. She also wears a black forehead protector with the crossed out leaf, to show she is no longer a ninja for that village.


Mizuki is better with distance fighting and weapons that can be thrown from a distance and make an impact. Which directs her to poisoned Senbon. If Mizuki is forced to fight close combat her chance of winning lessen, seeing her worst is Tai Jutsu. Mizuki's most used attacks are Fire and Earth.

Her most used Fire Jutsu is Fire Ball Jutsu, While her Earth attack is Earth Prison in which she learned with her sister from their father.

Her Clan Kekkei Genkai is Unknown.