Eye lvl1

Mishōgan (未詳  literally meaning unknown eyes)

Though the dōjutsu kekkei genkai is rumored to be either an off shoot of the byakugan or the sharingan it is not fully accepted either way. However it is known to only exist in the An'nai clan, and awakened in times of great need, such as a loved one in danger in the mist of a battle. Note: the only characteristic theme among the users is that they have slightly pale or pastel eye colors. When awakened the pupil becomes more beast like, and remains this way until the death of the user. The user becomes prone to the effects of what is coined as the user's "blood limit", gaps in memory, usually primarily in either short term or in long term, and the occasional change in personality. There are several levels and paths that can be followed, however this information never leaves the clan due to its ability to exploited. The first level abilities are the only ones that are known to a select few clans such as the Hatake, Nara, Uzumaki, Kazekage, and Hyūga. They can see chakara changes and have understanding on a level that mirrors the affinity for yin release, wood release, yin-yang release, yang release, and dark release. There affinity for the understanding and replicating the necessary requirements and chakara change needed to perform almost any jutsu, provided that the user is not experiencing the effects of their "blood limit". Note: the "blood limit" is a set of side effects that very from user to user when they are increasingly close, and at that limit, of any combination of their physical, emotional, or mental aspect of themselves. When the user reaches the "second level" their pupil becomes more like elongated horizontally making the pupil look similar to a compass rose, or cross-like; however, it only appears with the abilities of that second level. The "final" level is when it appears as another kekkei genkai when one is at death's door and is in the mists of battle, when this level is reached, the user's "false" kekkei genkei causes severe blood loss and the heighten abilities of the Mishōgan that corresponds to the appearance of that "false" kekkei genkai, death always comes quickly to those at this level with great pain.

First level/tier (pictured on the top right):

  1. Can see chakara with chakara nature aspects (within 100 meters)
  2. can follow trails of leftover chakara used in jutsus that is not more than seven days old
  3. can substitute tapping with/on paricular chakara points in particular ways to signify corresponding hand gestures
  4. can cast multiple jutsus at the same time with the chakara cost multiplied by the corresponding number done
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