Misaki Clan

Misaki Clan

(>ミサキ, Misaki)


Kekkei Genkai

18px-Nature Icon Crystal.svg Crystal Release



Known Members

Suiren Misaki

Ayuuki Misaki

Sayuri Misaki

Ai Misaki

Kaede Misaki

Kai Misaki

Aibara Misaki

Su Misaki

Shukaro Misaki

Saiya Misaki

Sakoto Misaki

Kiyoko Misaki

Ren Misaki

Haruko Misaki

Suzuki Misaki

Hanami Misaki

Akasuki Misaki

Kazama Misaki

Ryuna Misaki

Kiyoko Misaki

Miyo Misaki

Yoshie Misaki

Nemo Misaki

Ayana Misaki

Tsuyoi Misaki

Orisa Misaki

Misaki Shiina

The Misaki Clan (ミサキ, Misaki) was one of the strongest clans in the Shinobi World but it was destroyed by Madara Uchiha.


A long time ago, in the Village Hidden in the Rock was a small clan called Misaki. It didn’t have many members but they had great abilities, they could crystallize almost everything using their Kekkei Genkai, Crystal Release. They were some of the strongest Shinobis back then, even surpassing the Uchiha members, unfortunately this was the reason that made them disappear.Madara Uchiha, helped by other members from the Uchiha Clan and from other Clans and Villages destroyed the Misakis. They thought that nobody survived their attack but there was a 15-year-old girl called Suiren Misaki. She didn’t tell anybody that she’s a Misaki; everyone thought that she’s just a lost child. She grew up and had children. Because of her the Kekkei Genkai didn’t disappear. In her memory the Symbol of the Misaki Clan is a pink lotus (“Suiren” means “Asleep Lotus”).From the Clan massacre the Misaki members didn’t have a fixed home, they left the Hidden Rock Village and now they live all over the Shinobi World.

Nowadays some of the Misaki members have different surnames and created small clans in other Villages.


Their Kekkei Genkai is the main ability they have; most of them aren’t a Misaki 100% so they have inherited some abilities from the other parent. They’re very strong and hard to defeat. The weak point of their Kekkei Genkai are sounds, they can destroy the atomic particles of the crystals. Even so the Misakis try to develop their Jutsu to make it immune at sounds.

Some of the clan members lost their Kekkei Genkai because there was no blood line between them and Suiren so the members become weaker.



Misaki Clan was created by Adina Anca ( PhotoBucket

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