Minoru Village





Minoru no Sato

Literal English

Village of Fruit

Village Data


Land of Fire Symbol Land of Fire

Land of Rivers Symbol Land of Rivers




Minoru Village Symbol

The Minoru Village (実るの里, Minoru no SatoLiterally meaning: Fruit Village) is located on the border of The Land of Fire and The Land of Rivers. It is the village where Team Kakashi is sent in Naruto, spanning chapters 22 to 25 / episodes 57 to 61, and are introduced to Mina during the Defence of Minoru mission arc.

This village has an unusually small population due to the outbreak of a deadly disease which spread throughout the countryside 35 years before the beginning of the series, as well as a flood that destroyed the eastern part of the settlement.

Residents of Minoru Village lead simple lives isolated from the world of shinobi, most having humble trades like farming or metalworking.

The main part of the village is located adjacent to a large reservoir created by a man-made dam. A ravine continues for several miles to the east where it used to pass through the second part of the village and into a system of caves depositing in Land of Rivers. During the outbreak, villagers were quarantined in the caves to prevent the spread of illness.

On a night of torrential rain, the dam burst — killing the residents of the eastern settlement as well as the sick inside the caves. The village requested aid from both the Land of Fire and The Land of Rivers but due to the Second Shinobi World War there was a shortage of available shinobi and resources. The risk of the illness spreading was also too high. This meant that the village's request for help was denied and as a result many more people suffered the aftermath of the disasters. Minoru Village now has a unsteady relationship with it's surrounding nations as the villagers resent being ignored in their time of need.

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