Minori Hirami is a Shinobi from the Kirigakure (the Village Hidden in the Mist) in the Land of Water. HIs dream is to become one of the Seven Swordsmen of the Hidden Mist and to wield the ultimate sword. The first reason as to wqhy is clouded, but the second reason is to impress his crush, Rie Yukimura.

Extra Info

Name: Minori Hirami (MEE-no-ree Hee-RAH-mee) (Minori translates to “Beautiful Harbor” and Hirami is derived from the Japanese citrus fruit, the hirami lemon.)

Village/Country: The Village Hidden in the Mist, in the Water Country.

Birthdate: Feb. 13


Color: Burgundy.

Season: Fall.

Month: Late September through early November (because of the good weather for training).

Food/drink: Any very bitter or tasteless finger-food, although he finds it hard to dislike anything. (Although, he hates using chopsticks because he sucks at them and sometimes snaps them accidentally when he becomes frustrated.)

Hobby/pastime: Training, reading up on how to impress girls, more training...

Phrase: “Move.” (Because his teammates dawdle while traveling.)

Saying: “All’s fair in love and war.” (He doesn't say it very often, though.) "Survival of the fittest." (He says this whenever Kyou or somebody else whines about being weak.) He also likes phrases having to do with karma.

Animal: Piranha, or shark.

Element(s): Earth. Second element is Water.



Minori was not the most popular male in his class. Being the tallest at 5"05 at age thirteen and equipped with a good build and a sleek sword, most just kept their distance. Minori has milky-white (easily sunburned) skin and very dark, short brownish brick-red hair, combed forward with gel so as to stick up at an angle like quils. Many have described his face as piranha-like: his eyebrows arch downward (giving him an angry or spiteful appearance), and his eyes are small with narrowed pupils. His mouth is naturally collapsed into a frown, which leaves a sliver of his sharp, needle-like teeth visible more often than not. The shape of his face and jaw make him look a couple of years older than he really is. Despite his menacing facial makeup, he usually bears a bored or calm expression. His voice is very gruff, or gravelly, and on a "deep" scale from one to ten it's about a six.