Minami's Dimension (南の時空間, Minami no Jikūkan, Literally meaning: Minami's Space-Time dimension) is an alternate space that can be accessed using the power of the Pearl of the Four Directions.


This dimension was first seen when Shirako Yuki had transported herself there by accident when testing the White Sun technique. This dimension is covered in what appears to be an endless ocean of a silver-colored liquid and has a pink sky with a breathable atmosphere. There appears to be no life in this dimension though Shirako has mentioned that she feels uneasy while residing there, as if she were being watched.

Because Shirako possess the Pearl of the Four Directions and all four of the Rashinban Tanken, she is capable of traveling to this dimension as she sees fit, using specially created puddles as a medium for travel. She has been known to use this dimension as a resting place, for weapons storage or even to trap an opponent in order in an inescapable prison. This dimension is apparently very close to Earth and therefor does not take as much chakra as one would think.

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