Meian: Hakai

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Meian: Hakai

Literal English

Light and Darkness: Destruction

English TV

Meian: Destruction



Norowa5 Kekkei Genkai, Ninjutsu, Dōjutsu


18px-Nature Icon Yin.svg Yin Release

18px-Nature Icon Yang svg Yang Release


Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary


Parent Jutsu



Sanyu Kazan
Norowa Hikage

Meian: Hakai is a technique which is accessible through the power of Sanyu Kazan's Norowa Mōmokugan.


Using his Norowa Mōmokugan to first activate Meian, Sanyu is then capable of distorting the space of a specific area that his Norowa Mōmokugan is focusing on, allowing him to bypass defenses or distorting objects beyond a recognizable shape such as prison bars. When used on living targets, the results have been described as gruesome. Furthermore, Sanyu has been shown to access this technique even when his chakra was being suppressed.


While a powerful technique, Sanyu has to be able to see whats to distort, so if he is blinded, even temporarily, he will be unable to use this technique. He also has to focus on what he wants to distort, so if he is distracted or if the object is moving to fast, the technique will not work. While difficult, it is not impossible to dodge this technique, with the best way to do so is to retreat to a safe distance and attack with Long-Range techniques. Lastly, Sanyu is only capable of using this technique three times, before having to recharge it for an unspecified period of time.


  • This technique has appeared twice in the Norowa Mōmokugan's history. The first time was when Norowa Hikage unlocked this power after an experiment trying to replicate the Sage of the Six Path's power. The second time was when Sanyu and his fiance Ikumi were ambushed by Konoha shinobi.
  • Sanyu has described this technique as his most powerful offensive ability.
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