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Lightning Formation



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Satori Aburame

Akari Kazeshima

Suzume Uchiha

Nuno Hyūga

The Lightning Formation is a series of battle formations that were developed by the members of Team Matsuo. There are several different variations to the Lightning Formation with each member of Team Matsuo taking a different spot in the formation based on what their abilities are and what the overall battle plan is.

Similar to the Diamond Formation, the first member serves as the spearhead and breaks through the enemy's guard. The next two members do additional damage and distract from the final member's actions. The enemy is then finished off by the last member's attack.

Formation I

Akari starts the formation with her Vibration Emission. Nuno and Satori follow up with Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms and Spindle Formation, respectively. Suzume finishes the enemy off with her Fire Release: Flame Sparrow Technique.

Formation II

Nuno leads this formation with Earth Release: Flying Thrown Stones. Suzume and Akari strike next, with Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique and Telekinetic Destruction. Satori then uses his Secret Technique: Insect Sphere to end the fight.

Formation III

Suzume spearheads this formation with Demonic Illusion: One Thousand Chirping Birds. After the enemy is disoriented, Satori attacks with Insect clones while Nuno uses her Gentle Fist Vacuum Palm. Akari delivers the final blow with her Telekinetic Blast.

Formation IV

Satori begins with his Ninja Art: Resonance of the Cicada, while the others wait underground with Nuno's Earth Release: Hiding Like A Mole Technique. Once the noise stops, Akari and Suzume jump out and attack with Telekinetic Combat and Genjutsu: Sharingan. Nuno emerges at the end, to use her Eight Trigrams Mountain Destroyer.


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