Ka no kuni
The Land of Mosquito (蚊の国 Ka no Kuni) is located near the Land of Fire. It's a llittle land and was founded by two defected Uzumaki clan members, Nobunaga and Nadeshiko. Its goverment leader is the Mosquito Daimyo.


The Land of Mosquitoes is a little country with a really small population.


Since there's lots of mosquitoes, the people from there make mosquito sprays and sold them to other countries. It's their main money-making thing since they don't have lots of tourists for obvious reasons.


The Land of Mosquitoes is located near the Land of Fire. It's a little island. It doesn't have mountains only little hills in the South. It's mostly plain land.

The landscape is not the most beautiful thing, according to people who travel there. Also there are lots of mosquitoes.


Nobunaga and his wife Nadeshiko Uzumaki thought that with fuinjutsu they can seal gods and use them in wars. Everybody thought that it's a bad idea and since nobody agreed them they fled Uzushio and defected the clan.

They found an island with lots of mosquitoes. They founded the Land of Mosquitoes.

Later other people come to the land who agreed with them.


People from the Land of Mosquito are rather atheists. At the beginning they were shinto but they couldn't summon the gods and they couldn't seal them. This led them to believe that they are non-existent.



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Kagakure symbol

It was founded by Nadeshiko Uzumaki herself. It's the only hidden village in the country.


Altar of gods

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This was the place where they tried to summon the gods.

Mosquito jungle

Main article: Mosquito jungle It's a home for lots of mosquitoes in the west of he country. It is called jungle, hovewer there are only a few trees there.


  • This is an open country which means that everybody can use it for their oc.


The country was created by WhiteCherry

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