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The Land of Ice (氷の国, Kōri no Kuni) is a large, perpetually frozen island country located far to the north of the continent where the series takes place. Its government is controlled by the Ice Daimyō. Most of the island is covered in a permanent ice sheet, severely limiting farming. Due to this, and a lack of many useful resources, the country is one of the poorest in the shinobi world.

"Icicle Bread Rolls" (つららロールパン, Tsurara Rōrupan, English TV: White Icicle Bread) is a regional specialty of the Land of Ice.



Due to the Land of Ice being frozen year-round, the country lacks many natural resources and crops. Because of this, the country has to rely on fish and fur as its main exports. However, the Land of Ice possess a fair amount of Iron and an unusual amount of tungsten that help supplement the country's income.

Thanks to the skill of the Land of Ice's shinobi from Hyōgagakure, the country frequently loans them out to other countries for a high fee for whatever purpose would be required of them.

Because of limited farming opportunities, the Land of Ice imports grains and vegetables from other countries. Due to possessing no trees, the Land of Ice also has to import wood and paper.



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  • This country has the smallest population of any of the countries in the shinobi world.
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