Land of Hills

The Land of Hills (丘の国, Oka no Kuni) is the country located between the Land of Earth, Land of Wind and an unnamed country. It's government leader is the Hills Daimyō. The country is mostly comprised of mountains and hills, as well as deep forests and vast lakes and rivers. It also has many natural geysers that erupt almost daily. The most spectacular of natural phenomenons are the many vastly large caves that hold their own ecosystems.

"Honey Caramel" (蜂蜜キャラメル, Hachimitsu Kyarameru, English TV: Honey Taffyis a regional specialty of the Land of Hills.



Yamagakure (山隠れの里, Yamagakure no Sato; English TV "Village Hidden in the Mountains", "Hidden Mountain Village"; Literally meaning "Village Hidden by Mountains".) is a fan made hidden village located between the Land of Earth and Land of Wind. More precisely located north-west of Ishigakure in the Land of Hills. Since this country is not one of the major five, it is not governed by a Kage, but by a Feudal Lord. Inter-village matters are dealt with by the village founders, the Sugimori clan.

Gyōsha Hills

The Gyōsha Hills (業者山, Gyōshazan, Literally meaning: Merchant's Hills) Also known as the "Hills of Bright Fortune" (明るい幸運の丘, Akarui kōun no oka) is a sacred place of the owls, and it is where Kasumi contracts her summons. It is home to all sizes of owls and they seem to be goverened by the Horned Owl Sage. The area is particularly hidden and has many ponds with giant cattails and umbrella-leaves.

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