The Land of Gaysers (間欠泉の国, Kanketsusen no Kuni) is medium-size island country located far to the north of the Land of Lightning. Its government is controlled by the Gayser Daimyō. In the south of the country are vast hills and in the north are vast snowy mountain ranges which are cataloged as volcanic areas. There are many hot springs and geysers located within the country. 
Geyser Land


Hot springs and geysers are manifestations of volcanic activity. They result from the interaction of groundwater with magma or with solidified but still-hot igneous rocks at shallow depths. The Land of Geyser might be a very dangerous place to settle down but it's also very beautiful and rich in resorces.



Nowadays, the main religion in the country is Taoism but people habits has been involved and, as a result, uncommon festivals has been created. The most popular is Shizen Matsuri (自然祭, Nature Festival) which is a religious holiday celebrated on the first crescent moon of spring. It commemorates an act of kindness. It is associated with purity, a certain religious figure and a fight. Celebrations last twenty days. Traditions include public exchange of compliments and parties.



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Is the main ninja hidden village in the Land of Geysers, it can be located at the north of the country somewhere between the mountain ranges.


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Tatakaizawa is a large and prosperous big city. Despite being located on the hills this city is on an important commercial route. Tatakaizawa It is best-known for its museums, markets and landscapes.


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Great mining city with strong economy in the north of the country.


Notable Locations


Shirokawa is a river that crosses the mountainous areas, permanently exhibits a white color due to the ice that navigates in it. This river crosses several villages and even the Daimyō residence.


Famous hot spring located in the center of the country.


  • During new year eve people from all the villages that are near to Shirokawa craft and release water lanterns in the river.
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