The Land of Ash (灰の国, Hai no Kuni) was a country that existed centuries before the start of the series and bordered what is the present day Land of Flora, Land of Cliffs, Land of Fire and Land of Earth. The country contained a volcano near its capital that spewed ash that fertilized the surrounding landscape, causing the Land of Ash to be incredibly fertile. Instead of being ruled by a Daimyō, the Land of Ash was ruled by a clan of shinobi known as the Kodachi clan, who were infamous for committing atrocities such as slavery against other shinobi and foreigners.

The Land of Ash no longer exists in the present day as it was taken over by a coalition of four different countries and its land distributed among them. This caused the surviving members of the Kodachi clan to fragment and scatter to different countries, though their deeds are still remembered to this day.

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