Kuroki Clan

Kuroki Sigil

(黒木一族、Kuroki Ichizoku )


Appears in

第十六版 外伝: Shippuden After Story

Clan Data

Kekkei Genkai

Nature Icon WoodWood Release *



Known Members

Kuroki Ko

Kuroki Sayuri

Kuroki Mai

Kuroki Kin (Kinoto)

The Kuroki Clan (黒木一族、Kuroki Ichizoku) is one of the many clans of Konohagakure. While a balanced mix of civillians and shinobi, they are know for their skill in alchemy and development of unique poisons. They are closely affiliated with the Kumamori Clan .

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A lesser and distant branch clan of the Senju Clan, the Kuroki have been around since the First Shinobi World War. They are located in the far eastern forest of Konohagakure, outskirting the village with their neighbors, the Kumamori Clan. They use the flora of the surrounding forest to invent new drugs, medicines, and poisons. During the Nine-Tails Attack on Konoha, Kuroki shinobi were called on to aid in surpressing the fox with Wood Release



Exceptions in a generally average bloodline, some Kuroki clansmen are born with the inherent ability to wield the Senju Clan's Wood Release.



  • Literally translated, the clan's name bears the meaning 'black tree'.
  • Their symbol is derivative of the Senju clan's sigil.
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