Kuroishi Lizards (黒石トカゲ, Kuroishi Tokage) are a type of summon commonly used by shinobi from Kirigakure. They reside on Kuroishi Island.


The lizards of Kuroishi Island have shown to possess a wide array of abilities from various elemental ninjutsu to taijutsu, making them very versatile on the battlefield. Kuroishi Lizards are familiar with senjutsu, using it in order to take on a human form. Lizards also have abilities that depend on what species they are, from the chameleon Hakutōwashi being able blend into his surroundings so that he appears invisible, to the Komodo Dragon Budōwashi possessing poisonous saliva.

Their lifespans seem to be around twice as long as humans, with Inuwashi and Ōwasi, who are 30 years old being called brats by Hakutōwashi who is 64 years old.

Known Lizards


Kazuki was once a respected individual among the lizards, and was even a drinking buddy to Hakutōwashi for a time. Overtime Kazuki's relationship with them deteriorated and they stopped contact, though he kept the summoning contract. His relationship with the lizards began to improve once he brought his students to Kuroishi Island.

Not much is known about Kōhai's relationship with the lizards, but because he attempted to learn senjutsu from them it is likely he was well respected.

Illia was well respected and trusted by Inuwashi and Ōwashi, both of whom were willing to listen to her commands and risk their lives for her and even attempted to train her in Lizard Senjutsu.

Not much is known about his relationship with the lizards, but he was respected by Budōwashi, who was shown to be willing to risk his life for Kūdō.

Despite being able to summon the lizards, almost none of them respect Sanyu much and tend to bite him when summoned. However when the situation calls for it or if ordered by another summoner, they are willing to tolerate and assist him in battle.


  • The kanji for "tail" (尾, O) is identified as the symbol for the lizards of Kuroishi Island.
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