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Dark Eye

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Darkened Eye


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Genjutsu: Kurakugan
Kurakugan: Crown
Kurakugan: Talon
Kurakugan: Wing
Mantle Clone Technique

The Kurakugan (暗く目, Kurakugan) is the dōjutsu kekkei genkai of the Kodachi clan, appearing selectively among its members and their descendants. The Kurakugan is recognized by its glassy-blue pupil and black sclera, being characterized as "eyes of the underworld".


The Kurakugan, grants the user a cloak of a dark-colored, highly malleable energy known as a Mantle that can be manipulated into a wide variety of shapes for multiple purposes. This Mantle has been noted to feel similar to metal, and does not conduct heat well, allowing the user to travel through hot or cold environments without extra protection. By manipulating the Mantle, the user can form extra limbs in the form of arms or tendrils. Depending on the user's skill, these limbs can be delicate enough to pick perform surgery or strong enough to crush rock. The Mantle is strong enough to block kunai, swords, shuriken and even explosive tags (though not without some difficulty), though the defense it grants is not impenetrable. Powerful enough techniques or weapons sharpened with wind or lightning chakra can cut through a Mantle.

Skilled users of the Mantle are capable of forming parts of it into projectiles and launch it at an opponent. Parts of a Mantle that are lost can be recreated with the user's chakra, meaning simply destroying a Mantle is not enough to stop a Kurakugan user. The only way to truly stop a Mantle is to knock the user unconscious, kill them, suppress their chakra or cause the user to use up most of their chakra. Any of these cases will cause their Mantle to dissipate, leaving its user vulnerable.

The user is also able to place people under a genjutsu through eye contact. This genjutsu is capable of leaving residual chakra in the brains of their victim which can periodically cause the victim to see and hear hallucinations of the caster, can induce nightmares and if the user is present, alter emotions. This residual chakra feeds on its host chakra in order to maintain itself, making it extremely difficult to remove. The death of the caster does not remove the chakra from the host. The power of this genjutsu, combined with psychological manipulation, is strong enough to control an Onryō.


  • Anybody may use this dōjutsu for their character if you explain how it was obtained or stolen.
  • During the time of the Land of Ash, possessing the Kurakugan granted its owner special privileges, even if they were not part of the ruling Kodachi clan.
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