Nature Type(s): Water, Wind
Kekkei genkai: Cloud Release, Paper Release
Weapons: standard ninja tools, Summoning Scrolls, Sage Weapons  


The Kuhaku Clan is one of the first Clans to settle in Yorugakure, and is one of the four Noble Clans. Currently the Kuhaku Clan is the second largest clan in Yorugakure, and the second most powerful. The Kuhaku Clan, during the years before the founding of the Hidden Night (Yorugakure), was a Clan that owned a vast amount of land in the Land of fear, that was protected by a mysterious Jutsu cast on the land, to cause the area to be in an eternal winter, allowing the clan to create walls of ice around their village. The Clan was known for housing the sick and injured, and in the land of fear, this was many. During modern times, the Kuhaku Clan is responsible for the development and improvement of Medical Ninjutsu, and the Hidden Night’s Overall Medical Research, as well as maintaining most of the smaller clinics in the village. It is rumored that the current Kuraikage, Umi Kurotsuchi, has chosen to select the next kage from this Clan. 

Clan Members

Clan Nobles

Ketsueki Kuhaki (Clan Priestess)


The Kuhaku Clan has a long tradition of parading the streets of Yorugakure, on the holiday known as “Saisei” which represents rebirth, this is the only unique traditional holiday among the Kuhaku Clan, which is only celebrated when there is a change in clan leadership, or when a new noble family member is born. 

Personality Traits

Older members of the Kuhaku Clan are fairly stern for the most part, however the majority of the clan is very easy going, fun loving, and caring. The Kuhaku Clan prides itself on never giving up on society no matter what. 

Physical Traits

Member of the Kuhaku Clan are usually mid-weight and normal height with pale skin, white or grey hair, and lightly colored; blue, green, brown, or violet eyes. Noble family members are always born with a birthmark in the shape of a star on their left shoulder, most tattoo over it with a larger black star, and more stars surrounding the original to show their position or place in the family. 

Base Jutsu

  • Kuhaku Secret Teechnique: Crystal Ice Razor-blade Blizzard
  • Kuhaku Secret Technique: Heavnly Shadow Chill
  • Kuhaku Secret Technique: Distilled Fog

Base Stats

Databook Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Hand seals Total
Stats 4.5 3.5 2.5 4.5 3 4 3.5 4 29.5


  • There is a large temple in the center of the Kuhaku territory of Yorugakure, this temple is home to the Noble Family Priestess and her 3 Monk deciples.


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