Kinsango Reef (金珊瑚岩礁, Kinsango Ganshō; literally meaning "Gold Coral Reef") also known as the Ocean Lord's Domain (海主の領域, Umi-nushi no Ryōiki; literally meaning "Ocean Lord's Domain") is the sacred location that is the home to Isonade the Leviathan Sage and is the place that a large amount of water summons live from Kisame's sharks to Gengetsu's Giant Clam.


The only people who know how to get to Kinsango Reef without being Reverse Summoned are the members of the Kurage clan who have kept its location secret from outsiders for hundreds of years before the founding of Kirigakure. At some point, Sumire Yuki was Reverse Summoned by Isonade to the reefs in order for her to learn Senjutsu, where she also made summoning contracts with several of the inhabitants.



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