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Ken Hatake
Hatake Ken
はたけ ケン Hatake Ken
The Cunning Ninja of Konoha (木の葉隠れのズルい忍、はたけケン)
The Solo Ninja (孤独(こどく)な忍ケン)
The Lazy Ninja (のんびりケン)
The Ninja without Planned (ノープランケン)
Manga Volume #72, Naruto Chapter #700
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #494
Appears in Anime, Manga, Novel, Game, Movie
Voice Actors
Japanese Yoshimasa Hosoya
Birthdate Astrological Sign Aquarius January 28
Gender Gender Male Male
Age Gaiden: 18
Height Gaiden: 180 cm
Weight Gaiden: 65 kg
Blood type O
Classification Sensor Type
Affiliation Konohagakure Symbol Konohagakure
Team Team Naruto
Clan Hatake Symbol Hatake Clan
Ninja Rank Gaiden: Chūnin
Academy Grad. Age 12
Chūnin Prom. Age 14

Sakumo Hatake (Grandfather)
Kakashi Hatake (Father)
Mina Hatake (Mother)

Ken (ケン, Ken) is a shinobi from Konohagakure and a member of the Hatake clan.

He is the only child of Kakashi Hatake and Mina. He is as genius just like his father, but he is also playful and doesn't take things serious just like his mother.


6th hokage's family picture

He is the son of the 6th Hokage.

Ken is the only child of Mina and Kakashi. He was born two years before The Fourth Shinobi World War had begun. His father loves him unconditionally and spoils him. Since that, Ken always likes to do whatever he wants.

He doesn’t like being the center of attention and tries not to stand out too much. It doesn’t really work since the girls around him admire him for his strength and good looks. People always judge him for being lazy and for never getting in trouble since he is the Hokage’s son but he doesn’t really care about their opinion.


After he became Genin, he joined Team 7 with Naruto Uzumaki as his sensei.

They are very close ever since Ken was a little boy. Kakashi entrusts Naruto to become Ken's sensei but Naruto is still a Genin. Therefore, Kakashi uses his power as the 6th Hokage to let Naruto become the team leader of the team 7 where Ken’s a member.

Ken used to train with Naruto till he admitted to himself that he could never beat him in a real fight. However, he also knows Naruto’s weakness. His teammates, Tsukune and Mibuna, really cherish Naruto. It makes their team so united.

After the mission, Naruto is able to look after his students very well. Therefore, they don’t have any risks. Besides, Naruto willing trusts Ken because he knew Ken’s skills.



Ken uses a trick.

He took the Chūnin Exams to impress his father so he could be proud of him. Since his father was the 6th Hokage, he didn’t want to damage his reputation, so he tried to win every match and showed off his skills. His goal was just to win against his opponents and not pass the Chūnin exam because he didn’t want to take more responsibility and go on more difficult missions or even lead a team.

He also didn’t use Ninjutsu. He used only the Taijutsu and tricked his opponents with his own aptitude. Finally, he passed the exam with his outstanding skills, his fast speed and intelligence. Although he didn’t want to become Chūnin, he was very happy that he passed the test. (From ep. 4)


He tries to refuse to pass the Chunin exams.

Ken got the opportunity to temporary lead a team on a B-Rank mission since Naruto was busy with another mission. He almost lost one of his teammates after they got attacked by some thieves.

Usually, he’s very sharp-witted but when his team got in a dangerous situation, he couldn’t even think of a plan to save them. He was under pressure and lost all his confidence.

He used all his power to save his friends, and killed the enemies by himself. But was unable to beat all the enemies. Luckily, Naruto had completed his mission earlier and came to help his team just in time.

Ken felt so guilty for not being able to protect his teammates that he asked his father to withdraw him from team 7. After his failed mission, he didn’t live in the village for two whole years and only visited Konoha once a month because he made a deal with his father.

During that time he tried to avoid his teammates because he felt guilty for not being strong enough to protect his friends. However, Tsukune and Mibuna never blamed Ken for getting hurt during that mission. They even tried to get in contact with him after he had left the village.

After he realized that his father needed his ability for the sake of the village, he decided to come back to Konoha. That’s when his father stepped back from his position and made Naruto the Seventh Hokage.


Ken profile

He tried to escape from his father so he could avoid receiving missions.

Ken is very handsome which makes him pretty popular, especially with the girls. Because of his physical appearance he looks pretty cold but he’s actually very friendly. Many people like him but there are also people who don’t like him because they think he’s taking advantage of the fact that his father is the 6th Hokage. However, Ken doesn’t really care about other people gossiping about him. He only cares about people who are good to him. Ken is the type of guy who doesn’t like to argue with people. (He likes to compromise and doesn’t like to overcome people.) He always loses when he’s in an argument with someone, especially women. Ken dislikes fighting with women but he’s always protective over his friend and doesn’t care if they’re women. He is actually a calm person but sometimes it’s easy to get him mad since he doesn’t have much patience.

He is a cheeky and playful person, who doesn’t take things seriously. He’s also well known for being lazy and doesn’t have much patience. He prefers to hang out with his friends than doing missions. Ken‘s also very straightforward and always expresses everything directly. He is a curious person with many interests and always tries to learn new things.

Ken is the type of guy who doesn't cry or shows his weakness to others. He has a high protector instinct and likes to let others rely on him. Therefore, every time he sees a woman injured, he would always walk over to her and help the woman. He always loves to take care of his loved ones.

Ken Hatake and his friend

He always flirts with girls.

He never lies and doesn’t like lying. The reason why he doesn’t like lying is because he always feels guilty. (Except when he's doing the mission, he can lie.)

One of his bad habits is that he always flirts with a lot of girls but he never really takes things serious with any of them. Sometimes he accidentally looks at a beautiful girl unintentionally even if he isn’t interested in her.


Because of his hair color and personality, he always gets told that he looks a lot like his father. Ken has silver short hair that is darker than his fathers hair, remarkable red eyes that he got from his mother, and his skin is very pale. He also has two fangs that become visible when he smiles. His appearance resembles his mother while his personality is very similar to his father.

He always acts calm but he is actually playful, which is the complete opposite to his character.

Ken likes to wear a jacket over his t-shirt. He especially likes wearing hoodies and always rolls up the sleeves to make it more comfortable for him. Most of his clothes are black or dark blue. He wears his forehead protector on his right glove which sometimes helps him block weapons. He also wears a belt that is attached to a bag where he carries all his ninja tools. Sometimes he even hides his weapons under his clothes.



Hatake Ken, The Cunning Ninja of Konoha.

Ken has a high IQ and people always praise him for being a genius just like his father. He’s also thoughtful, observant and skeptical. Because of his curiosity, Ken likes to find things out by himself. Ken‘s also able to learn things quickly and he’s a sharp-witted person.

Because of his laziness, he always takes the shortcut so he can complete the missions quickly. Sometimes he doesn’t even have to deal with enemies at all.

He is a genius but he usually didn't show anyone his potential because he knows that it will increase more work. Only his father knows about his abilities because he trains with his father all the time. He loves and highly respects his father. He likes to tease his father which eventually becomes one of his habits. So, they both are very close.

Ken's grades are at the middle range. He purposely doesn’t give his best in school because he doesn’t wants to be in the center of attention and he also wants to avoid getting more work.

When he’s on a mission, he quickly thinks about resolving problems which makes it difficult for the enemy to figure out his plan. Because of his playful personality, he always leads the enemy to be careless.

Ken is known for his intelligence and his fast speed but he’s not very confident with his skills. He trusts his instincts and likes to do his missions alone since he always makes decisions very quickly and doesn’t have time to explain his plan to others. Having teammates only distracts him since he’s always worried that one of them could get hurt during the mission.

Ken‘s biggest weakness is that he can’t be a leader because he isn’t able to work under high pressure since everyone has high expectations of him. When he’s doing solo missions, he can focus on himself and is confident with his quick decisions without thinking about the risk of his teammates getting hurt.

Chakra and Physical Prowess[]

Ken often uses Taijutsu during his battles. Since he doesn’t have enough chakra he tries to avoid using Ninjutsu but he can still use it pretty well. He always trains his jutsu with his father so he could improve his attacks. Ken also likes to do research about all kind of jutsu and get as much information as possible in case he needs it to fight against an enemy.

Since he likes to learn new things, he developed a fantastic fighting style that allows him to use all the different things in his immediate surroundings as weapons. During the bell test, Ken used the lace of his hoodie to tie Naruto‘s hand on his foot which helped him to limit Naruto‘s movements.

Furthermore, Ken is best known for his fast speed and his intelligence. He’s able to flee from the enemies and even seduce them without having to use his chakra at all. (from EP 1)


Ken Hatake-0

Ken use Lightning Mesh.

Lightning Mesh[]

Ken's main technique is "Lightning Mesh," which is a sow up lightning on the high ground, it is like a net that was sown above to capture the enemy. It’s very difficult for enemies who are in range to escape.

Lightning Barrier[]

When Ken wants to trap the enemy or protect people, he will use "Lightning Barrier." It's a lightning releasing barrier that helps limit the movements space of the enemy, not allowing people to neither enter, nor exit. It's like a lightning cage.

The user can change the shape as he wants. Not only can the user of the jutsu surround the enemies, it can also reduce the size of the circles and deal with enemies as well.

But this Ninjutsu needs quite a lot of chakra.

Air Flash[]

Ken-Fast punch

Ken used Air Flash in the Chunin Exams.

It is air pressure punch, is a part of taijutsu which is a very fast punch using the air pressure to the opponent. But the power isn't so strong in damage. Therefore, the target is needed to be locked with the wall to strengthen the punch's power.


HatakeKen Ninken

Ken let the Ninken find Mirai.

Ken can summon Ninken like his father. He has two Ninkens; Dane and Genki, both are male.

Dane” (デーン) is a Great Dane dog. He has a white body with black polka Dotson. Dane is a tall dog with slender long legs and black eyes. He wears a blue konoha collar and bandages around his body. He’s calm and sober and a Niken who rarely speaks.

Genki” (げんき) is a Rottweiler and has a dark black body with brown markings on his body. His eyes are crimson and he wears a reddish-brown konoha collar around the neck. Genki has bandages wrapped around both front legs. He has a tall, hard body and is very strong. He’s cheerful and chatty and playful; just like Ken.

Hatake Ken and Ninken

Genki often gets jealous when Ken pays more attention to other animals than him. However, Genki and Dane are always kind to smaller animals.

Both of them are good at attacking and hunting. With high finding and trail abilities, a nice nose and a good sense. Ken only uses them to track down enemies and to find people. Ken doesn’t allow them to take action on their own because he’s worried that they might end up in a dangerous situation.

They both address Ken with Ken-chan. They have been best friends since childhood.


Ken Kakashi Lightning style

Purple Lightning (invented by Kakashi)

Purple Electricity is a lightning release technique that Kakashi re-invented and taught to Ken. It is a jutsu that Ken often uses because it doesn't waste much of his chakra like a lightning mesh. Most of the time he uses it when he wants to cut or kill enemies.

He can use it in different situations with lightning mesh and lightning barrer

Lightning Release: Lightning through Shurikens Technique.[]

It is a lightning bolt that is thrown at the throne shurikens.

This technique is done by putting the user's lightning chakras into shurikens to throw them at enemies. When the shuriken gets close to the enemies, the user will change the command by hand seal. Then a bolt of lightning struck every shuriken that has a lightning chakra inside and all enemies near the shurikens will get burned with lightning.

This technique is very advantageous because the enemy would be careless about these weapons. They will just only dodge or block it and if they're close to the range of the shurikens,  they will instantly get struck by lightning.

Human Cloning Technique[]

It is a technique to copy the user’s body that Ken invented. It’s  a new form of the Shadow Clone Technique but it’s more efficient. The clone will never disappear, no matter what state the user has. The clone can be release by the user or when the user dies. The clone can also release himself.

This technique takes a lot of chakra to create just one clone. The clone can use Ninjutsu just like the user but the chakra they have is as much as it used to create them. If the clone uses up all their chakra, they will disappear as well.

Sexy Technique[]

Ken Sexy Technique

He always used Sexy Technique to escape.

He learned this technique from Naruto. The user can transforms into a beautiful woman. It's a useful technique for most of Ken's mission. He would use this technique for spy missions or for information finding. He also used it to escape enemies.

But if other than the mission, he would often use this technique to prank his friends.


Databook Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Hand seals Total
Gaiden 4 4.5 3 5 3.5 4.5 3.5 4 32

Part II[]

Naruto and Ken

Kakashi entrusts Naruto to become Ken's sensei in the future.

Ken was born during the time Naruto left to train with Jiraiya. When Naruto returned to Konoha, he was very surprised to find out that Kakashi had a son. Naruto, Sakura, and Jiraiya came to Kakashi's house to visit Kakashi's son. Sakura had played with Ken often.

Ken tried to approach Naruto because he was interested in Naruto’s forehead protector. Kakashi then said that he expected Naruto to be Ken's teacher in the future. Naruto was very delighted, meanwhile Jiraiya smiled proudly at Naruto.

That evening, Jiraiya invited Ken's parents for a drink. Mina then asked Kurenai to take care of Ken for her which Kurenai did since she loved Ken very much. Because Kurenai thought that Ken was a cute, quiet, easy-to-care child, she didn’t want to give Ken back to Kakashi so easily. (From Kakashi Mina ch. 10)

Blank Period[]

Konoha Hiden: The Perfect Day for a Wedding[]

Naruto’s wedding

Ken at Naruto's wedding

Main articles: Konoha Hiden (novel) and Konoha Hiden (anime)

Ken was five years old when Naruto got married. He just started his first year at the Academy with his friends Tsukune and Mibuna. His sensei was no other than Iruka.

Ken attended Naruto's wedding alongside his parents, Kakashi and Mina.

Ken's Childhood[]


Ken is 5 years old.

He was a very curious kid and is always enthusiastic to learn new things. Ken always tried to read his father‘s favorite book because he wanted to know what it was about but his father refused to give him the book, explaining to him that the storyline is only for adults. (from special shot)

Ken was a straightforward person since he was little. And he likes to prank anyone; especially the people who wanted to beat him. (from EP. 2)

Ken Academy.[]


Ken was always with his father. Although Kakashi is in the position of Hokage but he always tried to spend time with his son closely.

During his time at the academy, Ken was always the center of attention but many of his classmates didn’t really like him. They often talked about him behind his back, complaining about how he would always get special treatments just because he was the Hokage’s son. They would also talk about how weak Ken was and even claimed that he was bad at using Ninjutsu and Taijutsu.

Taishiro and Ken

Taishiro and Ken.

However, there were also some people who accepted him and didn’t care that he was the Hokage's son. Ken likes to help other people who are being bullied which unfortunately ends up with him being bullied because he came off as an ignorant guy for getting involved in other people‘s businesses. Taishiro bullies Ken but he just avoids getting in a fight with his classmate and tries not to take revenge on Taishiro for being mean to him.

Taishiro was curious about Ken’s skills and often tried to challenge him in a fight. Finally, he learned that Ken isn’t as incapable as everyone else said. (from EP. 2)

Team 7 The bell test.[]

Naruto and Team 7

They passed the bells test.

During the bell test for Team 7, Ken realized that he couldn’t steal the bell from his sensei Naruto all by himself, so he and his two teammates, Tsukune and Mibuna, tried to come up with a plan to get the bells from Naruto.

He used Taijutsu and found a perfect opportunity to tie Naruto‘s hand on his foot, using only the lace of his hoodie so he could limit Naruto‘s movements. After that, Tsukune and Mibuna used all their Ninjutsu and attacked Naruto at the same time.

However, they couldn't steal the bell from Naruto but he already approved their teamwork. Ken used his final plan and negotiated with Naruto, explaining to him that he was going to treat him for free ramen if he’s willing to give them the bells. Naruto let them pass the Test due to their good teamwork. (From EP. 3)

Ken Hatake, Hokage's son.[]


Ken on manga.

After the war was over, Kakashi became the new Hokage. The ninja world was finally in peace but there were still many missions for the shinobi of Konohagakure since the village was very stable.

Kakashi tried to do his new role as the Hokage role well but the paperwork was so much that he couldn’t handle them all by himself.

Since Ken‘s team was very efficient and always finished their missions fast, Ken had a lot of freetime which Kakashi used as an excuse to make Ken help him out with the paperwork.


Ken on manga.

The reason why Kakashi needed Ken to help him out in the office was because of his level of intelligence and how fast he was with finishing his jobs.

Ken hated paperwork that were complicated and boring. Even though he often refused to help his father out, he always ended up staying in the office to look over the paperwork his father needed to finish. Kakashi always appreciated the help and was very proud of Ken. (from manga Kakashi Mina ch. 10)

Hatake Ken, The Cunning Ninja[]

Kakashi's son Hatake Ken

Hatake Ken, the Cunning Ninja named by his dad

Ken got assigned another mission right after he came back to Konohagakure for his monthly visits. His father gave him the mission to deliver a secret scroll to another village.

During the mission, he met a couple of wandering ninjas who tried to take the secret scroll from him. Ken lured them to a cliff and pretended he got caught by the enemy with no opportunity to flee. He made sure the enemy thought that they were in advantage and handed them a fake scroll.

When the enemy figured out that Ken had given them a fake scroll, the silver haired shinobi jumped off the cliff. The enemy instantly tried to follow Ken‘s trails but they didn’t figure out that Ken was only hiding and didn’t even jump off the cliff. Ken then escaped safely without getting in a fight. This made him well known as "Hatake Ken, the Cunning Ninja", which he got from his own father. (From EP. 1)

The Team Leader.[]

Ken Mibuna Tsukune

Ken, Mibuna and Tsukune.

Ken returned to the village after he had been traveling for two years. Since his father was about to step back from his position as Hokage, he stayed in the village to help him out.

One day, he walked around the village and bumped into his former teammates, Tsukune and Mibuna, who had been searching for him. Over the years Ken had tried to avoid them because he felt guilty that he couldn’t protect his friends during their last mission as Team 7.

Tsukune is very upset that Ken disappeared and abandoned their friendship. They tried to explain to him that they had never blamed him for getting hurt. They understood that he didn’t want to do a mission with them because he couldn’t take the high pressure of being a leader of a team. The three former teammates talked everything out and became friends again. (From EP. 5)

New Era[]

The Cunning Boy.[]

Ken mission on ep7

He was arrested because the hostages did not cooperate. And he finding a way to escape.

When Ken has to do a spy mission, sneak in to rescue the captured at the enemy base. (add soon...)

Konoha Shinden: Steam Ninja Scrolls[]

Konoha shinden

Ken joined the trip with his father, Guy and Mirai.

Main articles: Konoha Shinden (novel) and Konoha Shinden (anime)

Ken found out that Mirai was going on a S-Rank mission to protect the 6th Hokage and Might Guy. He went to see Naruto, his former teacher and now The Seventh Hokage, and asked him to let him join the mission. At first, Naruto refused because he needed Ken for other missions that suit his abilities more and he couldn’t let him leave the village for 20 days.

However, Naruto also figured out that Ken secretly wanted to spend some time with his father, so he allowed him to join the mission.

Throughout the journey, Ken let Mirai take over the mission since he was too busy sneaking out to different places and only came to see his father occasionally. He took interest in his surroundings just like a child and was very playful during the journey.

Kakashi Gai Ken

Ken joined the competition with his father and Guy.

Ken also participated in the competition between Kakashi and Gai and sometimes being on crack together. (When Ken was 12-13, he asked Gai to teach him Taijutsu because Ken is a melee fighter. That’s why Ken and Gai are close)

Mirai noticed that Ken often kids around and enjoys being playful with his father. Both are very closed with one another and this made Mirai miss her dad. Ken saw the way Mirai looked at him and his father, so he tried to cheer her up. He told her to help him look after his father because he doesn’t really stay with his father that often. He believed she could do this well and told her to consider his dad as her second father. He teased her by telling her that she should see him as her big brother. These seem to help her feel better. (from SP. 1)

Hatake's moment.[]

Ken family

He cooks for his parents.

Ken's mother sprained her wrist, so she couldn’t cook for her family. That’s why Ken decided to cook instead. His mother was very happy because his dishes were very delicious. However, Ken doesn’t like cooking and doing housework because he's lazy.

His family is intimately close and always spend time together. He's just like a kid when he's being with them. (from special shot)

Mission protecting a beautiful girl.[]

From special 8 - 9 - 10

Nana the client of Ken

Nana the client of Ken

Mission: Protect the daughter of a great family from Cha no kuni. She needed skillful and handsome ninja to protect her while she went back to Cha no kuni. That’s why Naruto chose Ken to do this mission. He gave Ken permission to form his own team for the escort mission.

At first he hesitated to form his own team because he’s afraid of what happened in the past. However, his friends Tsukune, Taishiro and Sansho convinced him to let them join the team for the escort mission.

During the mission, Ken didn’t pay attention to the client. He just played with his friends even though his teammates were more focused on the mission.

Nana, the client, liked Ken very much which is why she wanted him as her bodyguard. However, there’s also another reason why Nana chose Ken.

Unknown world[]

From special 11 - 12 - 13 - 14

Ken parallel universe

Ken gets send to a parallel world where his father never got married and never had a child.

Ken received an S-rank mission. He must find and catch a treasure thief known as “Hiroto, without a trace”. He is a thief that no one has been able to catch for a long time. He had already stolen 5 ancient treasures. His name was given because he has the ability to disappear without leaving a trace.

When the thief managed to steal his sixth treasure, the Golden Toad stamp, Ken finally caught him. Ken pursued him until he was able to catch him. Then Hiroto tried to escape by using a ninjitsu that could create a black hole to teleport himself to another dimension, which is a parallel universe. It will suck the user's body into a black hole. (During that time, the surrounding time is stopped. That's why he was able to escape safely every time.)

But this time, it seems that something went wrong. Ken accidentally got sucked in with him as well. Hiroto was surprised because it was the first time that another person could enter his black hole. Plus, having Ken come with him required more chakras than Hiroto could handle. So when Hiroto crosses over to a parallel universe, he runs away in a hurry and leaves Ken and the gold stamp there.

After Ken woke up, he found out that Hiroto had escaped. He then realized that this was the reason why this thief was given the name “Hiroto, without a Trace”.

Ken then returns to the village to report the mission to Naruto. When he returns back to the village, Ken notices that all the ninjas in the village don't know him and they accuse him of being a spy infiltrating Konoha's ninja. So he smuggled into the Hokage's room to meet Naruto and Shikamaru, but they didn't know Ken either. They also said that Kakashi never had children. Ken fled before they could arrest him. He then realized that this world was not the world he was born in.

Ken had to find Hiroto who was hiding in this world. That’s why he sent his Ninken to find him. Ken then tried to find out the differences between his world and the world he’s stuck in without getting caught by the ninja of Konoha. He didn't know why he didn't exist here and he didn't know where his parents were.

After that, he had turned himself in and told Naruto and Shikamaru the whole truth. Naruto liked Ken's many abilities, so he put Ken as Konoha's ninja temporarily which is why he didn't have to be chased by his own people. Naruto promised him that he will help him to find Hiroto. Naruto also made sure that the information Ken gave him from the parallel world will be kept a secret.

When Kakashi entered the investigation room to meet the boy who claimed to be his son for the first time, he

was amazed at the many abilities his son from another world had. Ken was very similar in character to Kakashi. He was also amazingly intelligent. Kakashi offered to take care of Ken and gave him a place to stay. He still felt a little uncomfortable because he doesn't know how to act like a father.

Ken asked Naruto to check a list of all 5 treasures that had been stolen from many regions of his world, but the treasures belonging to this world are still well preserved. This meant Hiroto only stole things from Ken's world so he could sell the items at the black market in a parallel world. Therefore, he is not a criminal in this world Ken got sucked in. Also, the collectors who auctioned off these treasures thought they were real but all the items that are still kept are fakes that the authorities try to maintain reputation. But in reality, they are both real.

After Ken is stuck in this world with Hiroto, it causes the thief to lose a lot of chakra which is why he can’t return to the original world. In order for him to use his ninjutsu again, he had to bring Ken back to his world.

The only reason why Ken could travel to a parallel world was because Ken never had been born in this world. A rule said that it wasn’t possible for someone to travel to a different world where they already exist - even Hiroto didn’t know. He had just discovered that he had this ability by accident and he didn't know much about it. He was alone and tried to earn his living by every possible means.

For Ken to return to his world He only had to find Hiroto and Hiroto tried to escape from him because he thought that he could no longer use his own ninjutsu.

In Other Media[]

Video Games[]

Naruto High school AU Special part. [Next generations][]

Ken Mirai high school day

Naruto High school AU

In an alternative universe where ninjas don’t exist, they live a normal high school life.

In this universe, Ken is a playboy. He’s known as the hot handsome boy in school. Not only is he smart but he’s also pretty good at sports.

Unfortunately, Ken’s really lazy. There were many clubs in his high school that needed him and asked him to join the team but since he’s lazy and doesn’t like to stand out, he refuses to join them. He just plays with his friends for fun and ignores any school activities. He has many friends and many girls have been crushing on him but Ken secretly was in love with his best friend Mibuna. When Ken found out that Tsukune liked her too, he decided to step back and give his friend the chance to confess his feelings to her. He cares more about the feelings of his friends.

Mirai has been secretly in love with Ken for a long time. She is the daughter of his father's best friend; Asuma and Kurenai. They have known each other since childhood and Ken always loved her like a little sister.

She is a dedicated girl, who always gets high exam scores because she’s smart. She often asked Ken to tutoring her because she wanted to be close to him.

Later, he and Mirai started dating, which is why Asuma always fights with him. Although Asuma likes Ken, he is very protective of his daughter.

Ken the Bounty Hunter[]

This story plays in an alternative universe where Ken grew up without knowing who his father is. He is an unaffiliated mercenary ninja.

Ken with Kakashis short sword White Light Chakra Sabre

Ken with Kakashi's short sword "White Light Chakra Sabre"

Kakashi Hatake, the 6th Hokage, who has a very high bounty on the Bingo Book. So that was Ken's goal. He is an unaffiliated ninja who does everything for money.

When they fight, Kakashi learns that Ken has Kakashi's short sword "White Light Chakra Sabre" , which Kakashi had inherited from his father, Sakumo Hatake. It made Kakashi wonder who this boy really was.

Kakashi later learns that Ken is Mina's son. The girl that Kakashi had given her a sword more than ten years ago. Mina fled Kakashi not knowing that she was pregnant with their son at the time. Because she is a bandit wanted. While Kakashi is Konoha's Jonin.

And now Ken wants to do whatever it takes to make his mother's life better. That's why they both met today. From special episode.


  • Ken (賢) means intelligence, genius, but actually his name was built by his father and mother's letters; "K" "N."
  • His rule is "no rules."
  • His catchphrase is; yes yes (はいはい。Haihai). He also can say sorry pretty easily.
  • He can cook very delicious meals.
  • He likes sweets and ice cream. The food he really couldn’t eat was spicy food.
  • He can sing very well.
  • Ken's favorite colors are white, dark blue.
  • His type are younger girls but he never had a girlfriend before. He flirts with a lot of girls, but he’s never been serious to anyone of them. (And he’s also a virgin xD)
  • He has a high protector instinct and likes to let others rely on him. He always protects the weak. (That's why he likes girls that are young, small, fragile and cherished.)
  • He really wants to have a younger sister but he doesn't want a brother (In fact, he doesn't like kids because he thinks they are annoying). However, his mother only wanted to have one child.
  • He is very afraid of ghosts but likes to watch Horror films and Thriller movies. He hates romantic movies and Drama movies.
  • Even though Ken's habit is being lazy, his room is very organized. He got this habit that comes from his father.
  • He doesn't like to wear traditional clothes, but if his mother demands, he would wear it. He also doesn't like to wear a suit.
  • He never lost a loved one but always learned the pain and mistakes from others. This experience made him so afraid of it happening to himself that made him overprotect his loved ones.

Ken's Timeline.[]

  • Kakashi was 28 years old and Naruto was only 14-15 years old when Ken was born.
  • Ken got promoted to Genin at the age of 12 and joined Naruto’s team 7 when his sensei was 26 years old
  • Ken passed the exam as Chunin at the age of 14 and became a team leader for the first time without Naruto. Because of a traumatic event, Ken left team 7 and only visited the village once a month. He takes on solo missions for two years; most of those missions were arresting thieves, missing-ninjas, spying, investigating or rescuing hostages.
  • He returned to live the village at the age of 16 years, during which Kakashi was close to stepping down as Hokage. He tried to come back to help his father. When Naruto became Hokage Ken began to leave the village again because he like traveling. Accepting one mission, he left the village almost a month.
  • He returned to the village permanently at the age of 18 because of a girl.
  • Ken is currently 18 years old, Naruto is 32 years old, and Kakashi is 46 years old.


Hatake Ken, Kakashi's son -Fan animation-

Ken Hatake - Anime version.


Hatake Ken’s voice

Ken's voice



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