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はたけ ケン Hatake Ken The Cunning Ninja of Konoha (木の葉隠れのズルい忍、はたけケン) The Solo Ninja (孤独(こどく)な忍ケン) The Lazy Ninja (のんびりケン) The Ninja without Planned (ノープランケン)



Volume #68, Naruto Chapter #700


Boruto Episode #36

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Ken Hatake



Astrological Sign Aquarius January 28


Gender Male Male


Gaiden: 18


Gaiden: 179 cm


Gaiden: 65 kg

Blood type



Konoha Symbole Konohagakure


Team 7


Hatake Symbol Hatake Clan


Ninja Rank Gaiden: Chūnin


Sakumo Hatake (Grandfather)
Kakashi Hatake (Father)
Mina Hatake (Mother)

Ken (ケン, Ken) is a shinobi of Konohagakure's Hatake clan

He is an only son of Kakashi Hatake with Mina. He is a genius ninja like his father, but he's playful and not serious about anything, like his mother.


6th hokage's family picture

He is the son of 6th Hokage.

Ken is the child of Mina and Kakashi Hatake, he was born for two years, Before the Fourth Shinobi World War His father loves him a lot, and Indulge him very much, he therefore often does anything to indulge

Kakashi and his son

Ken is 5 yrs, He is very curious.

himself. He joined the Jonin Exams because he wanted his father to be proud, and he intends to win for his father. His father is 6th Hokage, He did not want to disgrace his father. But he didn't want to pass the exam, because he was lazy to do more difficult missions, he therefore did not use Ninjutsu. He uses only Taijutsu and try to trick the opponent to be tired, and he wins. But he finally passed the exam, With his outstanding speed and intelligence.

After receiving the mission B-rank causing him to almost lose his teammates, because he was distracted because he saw friends being arrested. He used to be a very witty Shinobi, but when worrying about teammates, he couldn't think of anything. He realized that he should not work with others. after that, he didn't live in the village for two years, by returning to the village once a month, because it was a contract with his father. But when he realized that his father needed his ability, in helping the village, so he decided to stay the village to help his father.


Ken profile

He tried to escape from his father, to avoid receiving missions.

Ken is a handsome young man. Looking from his physics, he’s a discreet person, but truly is enjoyable, very playful, friendly to everyone, and easy to join with others. 

He’s always humorous and not very serious. Stand out for being very lazy and not having patience, but he like to learn everything and interested in everything like a kitten, he is by nature.

He has bad habits, he flirty with all the beautiful girls, but not seriously interested anyone. People like him a lot, But there are many people who hate him too. He doesn't care about gossip from other people, and he doesn't care how others think about him.

Ken has a habit of saying out his thoughts in a direct way, and he hates lair and telling a lie is not his habit, except during the mission.


  • Ken Hatake as an 8 year old.
  • Ken Hatake as an 14 year old.
  • Ken Hatake on Boruto Naruto next generations.
  • Ken Hatake on Boruto Naruto next generations.
Ken has a hair color and an external personality like his father, He has featured the pretty eyes. His face and eyes are the same as his mother, so he has a handsome look which is from his mother. 

He always wears a black or blue hood with jacket. Usually have a belt attached to a small bag to wear equipment and weapons, wear Forehead Protector on the glove, and he often hid his weapons according to his clothes.


Ken is a genius like his father. But he often does not show anyone because he realizes that he will have more work. But his father knows well about his potential. He always shows everything to his father because he loves and respects his father very much. They are very close, and he is always freaking bugging his father and forms it his habit.

He has very good memory and can quickly learn various things. And because of his laziness, he always thinks of the shortest way to finish the work which he often does this with the missions.

He is outstanding in speed and intelligence. But he doesn’t have much confidence with it.  He just does everything by his instincts, which is why he always made a solo mission. Because he decided everything suddenly and without a plan. Having teammates made him worried and always distracted.

Chakra and Physical Prowess

In the fight, he often uses Taijutsu as the main, his chakras had not so many, he always avoids using Ninjutsu, but he can use it very well. He always practiced the development of Ninjutsu with his father. Because he tried to be as good as his father. Very few know what kind of strategy he use.

He is a person who likes to learn new things, So makes him a strange fighting style difficult to guess, and he can use all the things around as a weapon (Like when Naruto tested the bell with him, he uses his hood rope to tie Naruto's hands)

In addition, he also has outstanding in speed and intelligence, It makes him not have to waste his Chakra, and not having to use Taijutsu.


Ken Hatake-0

Ken use Lightning Mesh.

The strategy he uses are "Lightning Mesh", which is a sow up lightning on the high ground, It’s very difficult for enemies who are in range to escape. The enemies will be electrocuted and unconscious. Sometimes, he may use Chidori that he trained from his father to get rid of enemies after using the "Lightning Mesh" Because of Chidori has high risk, he often doesn't use unless he is really in a safe state.

If he had to capture the enemy he can used the "Lightning Barrier" surround the enemy, the enemy cannot escape from the lightning circle, If not dealing with him first.

In the case that he does not want to eliminate the enemy. He often uses Chakra Blade put an electric chakra in his weapon before throwing at the enemy. If it hit them, they will be shocked like being electrocuted giving him a chance to rapidly escape away.


Hatake ken the cunning ninja of konoha

Hatake Ken, The Cunning Ninja of Konoha.

He is very smart and witty. He’s often decided to solve problems quickly and without pattern. So, is difficult to the enemy to predict.

And because of he’s playful causing the enemy to be careless since he doesn't look very serious.


Databook Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Hand seals Total
Gaiden 4 4.5 3 5 3.5 4.5 3.5 4 32

Blank Period

Kakashi Hiden: Lightning in the Icy Sky

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The Last: Naruto the Movie

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Konoha Hiden: The Perfect Day for a Wedding

Main articles: Konoha Hiden (novel) and Konoha Hiden (anime) In Naruto's wedding, Ken was 5 years old. He went to attend naruto's wedding, along with his parents.

He is very curious.


Ken Academy.


Team 7 The bell test.

Naruto and Team 7

They passed the bells test.

In testing the bells for team 7, Ken realized that there was no way to steal it from Naruto who was his teacher.

So he plans with his team Tsukune and Mibuna, by he using Taijutsu, and find the rhythm that he can use the hood rope to tie Naruto to make Naruto move harder. And let Tsukuna and Mibuna use the Ninjustu, wind release and water release, Combined into a storm. But in the end they could not steal bells from Naruto. While Naruto accepted their teamwork.

Ken used the last method to bribe a ramen for Naruto in exchange for the bells. Naruto let them pass because they have a good teamwork, and while Naruto also receives free ramen.

Hatake Ken, the cunning Ninja

Kakashi's son Hatake Ken

Hatake Ken, the Cunning Ninja named by his dad

Ken returned to the village once a month. And he received the mission as soon as he arrived, By his father, who is 6th Hokage. It is a mission to send secret Scroll to other villages. And he meets a nomadic ninja, who tries to take it from him. Ken cod them to follow him to the cliff, and pretended to be in the cornered, trick them into believing, and they careless him, so make him to escape. Causing everyone to know him more, on behalf of "Hatake Ken, the Cunning Ninja" which his father was the one started this name for him.

The reason Ken often solo mission.


New Era

The Arrest Mission.

Ken on Mission 2

Ken on the arrest mission

Ken was assigned to do the arrest mission, The blood knife killer, Missing-nin from Kirigakure, And he has a very good speed and highly powerful.

Ken have changed the plan twice in a single moment. With his witty, accomplish the mission.

The Cunning boy.


Konoha Shinden: Steam Ninja Scrolls

Konoha shinden

Ken joined the trip with his father and Guy and Mirai.

Main articles: Konoha Shinden (novel) and Konoha Shinden (anime)

Having Mirai as a protector for the mission on S-rank to protect 6th Hokage and Might Guy. Ken goes to see Naruto who is his teacher and Seventh Hokage, and says to him that he wants to join in this mission. At first, Naruto  refuses because it takes 20 days for this mission and there are others more suitable mission waiting for Ken to complete. 

However, Naruto also deems that Ken might want to spend his vacation with his father. At the end, he allows Ken to join and takes this as a vacation for Ken.

Throughout the journey, Ken barely takes part in the mission as much as Mirai. He always sneakily goes traveling to different places and occasionally comes see his father. He takes his interest in the surrounding as children do and is playful during the journey.

Kakashi Gai Ken

Ken joined the competition with his father and Guy.

Seldom does he participate in the competition between Kakashi and Gai as well. That makes Guy and him so intimate with each other and sometimes being on crack together.

Mirai notices that Ken often kids around and enjoys being playful with his father. Both are very closed with one another and this makes Mirai miss her dad. Ken sees reactions of the girl and tries to cheer her up. He told her to help looking after his father because he does not really stay with his father that often. He believes she can do this well and tells her to consider his dad as her second father. He will also act as her big brother too. These seems to help make her feel better. 

I'm not a playboy!


Hatake's moment, Ken cooking.


Valentine's Day.


Only you.


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  • His rule is "He has no rules."
  • He is a very good cook.
  • He can sing very well.
  • He is interested in younger girls. And he has never had a girlfriend.
  • His voice-actor is the same as Midnight Blade voice-actor.


Hatake Ken, The Arrest Mission

Hatake Ken, The Arrest Mission.

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