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My Ideas (AseTheGod)

Pressure Release

My Ideas (XxnovnovinaxX)


Nature Icon Golden Golden Release
Kokuton20px Obsidian Release
Hisuiton20px Jade Release


20px Diamond Release
20px 2 Akaigan
20px 3 Frost Release
20px 5 Ruby Release
Kgmpx Itami Moku-Ka
RainbowRainbow Release

Nxf11's Ideas

18px-Nature Icon Moon.svg Lunar Release
18px-Nature Icon Solar.svg Solar Release
18px-Nature Icon Plasma.svg Plasma Release
18px-Nature Icon Energy.svg Energy Release
18px-Nature Icon Glass.svg Glass Release

KusaNin's Ideas

Grass Release Grass Release
Concealment Release Icon Concealment Release

tottalynotdenti's Ideas

BlueFlameRelease Blue Flame Release
Murasaki Sharingan Murasaki Sharingan
MS Haruto Mangekyō Murasaki Sharingan (Haruto's)
Ryūgan Ryūgan
GravitationRelease Gravity Release

JakCooperThePlumber's Ideas

Miasma Release

Sir Aether's Ideas

Flare Release
Tempest Release
Chiryūmyaku (地竜脈)
Land Release

Inibi Uchiha's Ideas

Sr20px Soul Release
PerfumeRelease Perfume Release

CJ's ideas

Chakra mutation release

KiritoDragnel's Ideas


TayaYuki's Ideas

ShshForce Field Release

Redrobobomb's Ideas

Hellfire Hellfire Release

AncientAlphaGear's Ideas

Universal Release

Mika Aburame's edits:

Settaigan (設定目)

Heart53eartH's Ideas

Sin Release

Number 8123's Ideas


2017ninja's Ideas

Pixel Release
Cosmic Release
Strength Release
Steam Release

NickWheelson's Ideas

Mirror release Mirror Release
Kagamigan Kagamigan

Anxna's Idea

Shadow Release

Miratuno`s Idea

Miratugan2 Miratugan

MayaXD's Idea

Acid Release icon Acid Release
Alcohol release Alcohol Release

Osollev's Ideas

Suna Kekkei Genkai derivates

Malachite Sand
Pearl Sand
Diamond Powder

Other Ideas

Sulfur Release
Cellular Release
Explosive Tag Release/ Explosive Origami Release
Foam Release
Cotton Release

Alex's Ideas

Blood Release
Steam Release
Heaven Release
Hell Release
Space Release
Nekomukogan(ネコ目, Literally meaning Cat Eyes)
Paper Release

Hadime's ideas

Kyoudogan Kyoudogan

Shiradori´s Idea

Sound Release

Ramenking000's Ideas

Vermilion release (Shuiton)
Death release (Shiton)
Dragon release (Ryuton)
Alien release (Eiriton)
Mind release (Mainton)
Time release (Jikanton)

Jiro The Sauce God's Ideas

Chain Release (Cuihton)

Gomen Dansei's Ideas

Cloud Release
Fruit Release

Lilyhybrid's Ideas

Boundary Release

Luxiia's Ideas

Flower Release (Hanaton)
Time Release (Kanton)
Silver Release (Ginton)
Gold Release (Kinton)

Hikari12's Ideas


TheDeathQueen's Ideas


Lance_Star-Lord's Ideas


ReiUrben’s ideas




Bone Release
Sky Release
Tailed Release

Justin uzukaze's Ideas


Miss Misfits's Ideas

Denjiha Denjiha
Jowazagan eye Jowazagan
MeimouSymbol Meimou
JitsugetsuSymbol Jitsugetsu
Vegetation symbol Vegetation Release

Ninjaprincess21’s ideas

Silica-Release-Symbol Silica Release

Kanayawa Hiromi's ideas

Ningen Shikkaku

Datboi3's Ideas


LunarSpxce's Ideas

Lightning Imitation

SoleMontrose's Ideas

Psychic Release
Toxic Release
Magma Release
Clay Release
Rune Release
Arcana/Arcanic Release
Light Release

HiMizaWa's Ideas

Silence Release Silence Release
Henkakugan Henkakugan

RA's Ideas (Renaissance Alliance)

Obsidian Release

Dracothegdragongod's Ideas

phoenix release
distruction release
Sun God release
Sea God release
earth God release
Sky god release
Storm God release
Sword release
Geto/blood God's eye
five God release
five God release true form king of God's release

Otk003's Ideas

Illusion Realese

Crispy Sandwiches' Ideas

Wither Release
Portal Warp Release
Erosion Release

WhiteCherry's ideas

Shitsumei Blindness
Enton Salt Release
Gokoton rubber release Rubber Release
Dokuchi Poisonous Blood
Plastic Release
Wax Release
Lye Release

CEOofWarmasters ideas

Utsugan - (however, you cannot do being born with it, only created under lab, or manufactured and etc)
Nature Icon KineticRelease FanMade Kinetic Release

HanukoUchiha's Ideas

Flower Release22 Flower Release
I recommended you create an OC in the Hanako clan for this - unless you want to pull a Yamato and make it a made-in-a-lab thing! Please do not edit the article - if you have any ideas for new jutsu please contact me and we can find a way to put it in! :)

Lyreinn's ideas

Void Release (used)

Unclassified's Ideas


Eyes Of Sorrow and Disappointment

How Ketsuryugan Works' ideas

Netherite Release

Interrior Portal


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