Kasumi Terumī


霞照美, Kasumi Terumii
Terumī's Pride (照美の誇り, Terumii no Hokori)
Crimson Ghost (深紅の幽霊, Shinku no Yūrei)
カツ, Katsu


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Japanese Chika Anzai 



Sagittarius December 15th


18px-Gender Female svg Female


Part I: 19
Part II: 22


Part I: 160 cm
Part II: 161 cm


Part I: 48 kg
Part II: 50 kg

Blood type

Kekkei Genkai

Nature Icon Lava.svg Lava Release

18px-Nature Icon Boil.svg Boil Release




Missing Ninja


18px-Kirigakure Symbol.svg-1- Kirigakure

LI Symbol Infernal Legion

18px-Akatsuki Symbol.svg Akatsuki


Team Shinobu

Terror Twins



Itachi Uchiha


Terumi SymbolII Terumī


Ninja Rank

Part I: Jōnin

Academy Grad. Age


Chūnin Prom. Age

Jōnin Grad. Age 14


Male Itachi Uchiha (Lover)

Male Toshiro Terumī (Father)

18px-Gender Female svg Tomoe Terumī (Mother)

18px-Gender Female svg Mei Terumī (Sister)

Male Katashi Terumī (Grandfather)

18px-Gender Female svg Yūna Terumī (Grandmother)

18px-Gender Female svg Nekobaa (Grandmother)

18px-Gender Female svg Sanae Terumī (Aunt)

Male Mitsuo Terumī (Uncle)

Male Sen Terumī (Uncle)

18px-Gender Female svg Mimiko Terumī (Aunt)

Male Komiya (Uncle)

18px-Gender Female svg Rei Terumī (Daughter) Only in AU

18px-Gender Female svgTamaki (Cousin)

Male Nobuo Terumī (Cousin)

Nature Type



Yūyake (Scythe)


Kasumi Terumī (てるみカスミ, Terumii Kasumi) was a kunoichi ranked jōnin from Kirigakure and member of Team Shinobu. She is the younger daughter of Toshiro and Tomoe, sister of Mei and a member of Terumī Clan.


Kasumi was born within Kirigakure's Terumī clan, a clan who has always willed to fight and die for village. For a Terumī there is nothing more important than protecting their loved ones.

She grew up surronded by powerful ninjas. Some of them used to tell her stories about the clan glory and village heroes, knowing some day she might join them. Since she was not a pure-blooded Terumī, her insecurity led her to work hard to reach the standards of the clan.  Having proven to be capable of great things, she was trained as the pride of the clan and grew up to become a trustworthy kunoichi.

But trust must always be reciprocal.

When Yagura betrayed the trust she put on him as the Mizukage everything changed. She can not longer follow orders blindly and an internal fight began in her soul.

Back then, nobody knew Obito was taking revenge against the village he thought had killed Rin. By using Yagura as the perfect disguise, Obito got rid of many powerful clans and kekkei genkai users and the security of the village was jeopardized. Unable to save them, Kasumi was forced to say goodbye to her closest friends while watched how Kirigakure was falling apart. She realized that something must be done.

After much thinking she understood that the only way of preventing the Mizukage from destroying Kirigakure was killing him. And with that in mind, she silently started planning his murder.

However, Obito was faster and gave her the mission of slaughtering one of the oldest and most powerful clans of Kirigakure: Terumī clan. She refused and threatened him. Kasumi remind him her clan would fight back and even when it might lose, the consequences of the battle would damage the village and his image as Mizukage.

Suspecting of the Zabuza's complot against him and not being ready to put an end to his revenge against the village, Obito agreed to leave Terumī clan in peace. Nevertheless, he wanted Kasumi out of stage since now he recognized how dangerous she might be if she stays in Kirigakure.

Therefore, he gave her the mission of killing the most powerful Terumī alive: Toshiro Terumī. Obito managed to destabilize the clan by killing its best shinobi and blaming the kunoichi who was supposed to be the future of the clan. At the same time, the present and future of the clan Terumī was destroyed and noone suffered it more than Mei.

After that, Kasumi was forced flee Kirigakure as a criminal with the promise that her clan would be safe, but how long could she trust in the Mizukage's word?

Changes must be done and in order to accomplish goals and Kasumi has gone through a lot. She has doubted herself, hated herself, questioned all she ever knew and finally became the kind of shinobi she wanted to be.

Kasumi knows there's still things that must be fixed. She can not stop fighting, not yet, not while Kirigakure is still an unsafety place for her clan and most of all, for her beloved sister.


Kasumi is not a hero per se, nor does she want to be. She does not execute works to save the world, to preserve peace, not even to seek justice. She helps others when she feels like doing it.

Her only motivation is to protect Mei because after losing Sen, her friends and her father, she's the only person Kasumi loves. Kasumi also loves Kirigakure and as consecuence, she aim to destroy Kirigakure's corruption to create a safe place where her sister could live peacefully.

Kasumi is fiercely independent, direct, sarcastic and stubborn. Even though she has a sadistic nature, she's displays a critical lack in basic human understandings, being unable to understand other people feelings which makes her seems naive sometimes and cold-hearted other times.

She is almost always oblivious about what's going on when she sees regular human interaction but, few times, she surprised people around her understanding what was going on and not giving proof of her awareness.

Despite her lack of visible emotions and serious attitude she has been shown to truly care about her village and its people, and has even managed to make others remember what it means to be a shinobi from Kirigakure.

During her early years, Kasumi is depicted as unfriendly but polite, since she always showed herself to be quite respectful towards her superiors. She is usually soft-spoken. However, she is downright terrifying to face during a fight.

She loves battling and finds joy when she has the chance to perform a smart attack. In contrast to her fighting stance, she shows herself pretty inexpressive when she's outside the battlefield. She also flashes very creepy and dark smiles on occasion, hinting to a bloodthirsty nature that lies beneath her small body.

Kasumi rarely speak out her mind unless she's asked, but when she does, she's brutally honest. When criticizing she can be stringent.

While not insecure about her skills, she's constantly trying to improve herself. According to Sanae, "Kasumi tends to be competitive and when she doesn't find a suitable rival she competes with herself.", which gives her a reason to be hard-working.

When she lost respect for Yagura as the Mizukage after he slaughtered the Shuko clan, she stopped using honorifics regardless of status and become a little ruder in the way she talks.

However, she still loves the village and wish it the best. That's why, despite her loyalty towards Kirigakure, she shows some good conscience to go against Yagura orders. As she grew up her inner murderer gained more sway, she focused the feelings she wasn't allowed to express into the missions even when that means putting herself into a great danger.

She cares so little about human relationships that she is unable to remember people's faces and names unless she interact with them in regular basis.

After Kuribu died her bloodlust perished. Kuribu was the last of her friends and teammates alive so it was hard time for her because she felt lonley for the very first time. However, she still had one last bond to cherish. The only person that would never treat her as a weapon was still alive and this was her sister, Mei.

However, when she met Deidara, her bloodlust revived. She felt one more time the joy of fighting side by side with someone who enjoy performing specifics attacks, being Deidara's the artistic ones.

As a hobbie, she likes to read about strategy and ninja history that’s why she got so interested in Yūyake and worked hard to wield it. She also enjoyed watching the stars with her uncle Sen. He taught her about constellations and that sort of things. After he died, she used to watched the stars alone. 

Because she lost her sense of taste, she is a horrible cook. She’s also pretty bad at housework in general and can hardly take care of someone beside herself.


Kasumi is a fair-skinned petite woman. She has spiky long red hair, partially tied back into a pigtail. She inherited the eye's shape of his father's, and the light blue colour from her mother. Since her apprearance shows she is not a pure blood Terumī, she worked hard to fit in her clan.

After Kozue was killed she never wore Kirigakure's headband untill she left the village. Soft-spoken by nature and she used to talk in a very polite way because that’s the way Mei talks. However, after she lost her faith in Yagura for what he did to Shuko clan, she stopped using honorifics as a way of disrespect him.  

Terumī women are known by their beauty and grace, but among them Kasumi is one of the less attractive and flirtatious. Since she doesn't care about the way she looks, she doesn't wear makeup neither make any effort to compensate it or become desirable for men.

As a result of having been trained by her clan to be its pride, Kasumi is shown to be an emotionless person in both her expression and speech. She appears to be sadistic and burtal during missions but she rarely shows this side of herself outside the battlefield.

Kasumi usually wear dark clothes because they "hide the blood stains best". She wore Kirigakure's basic uniform when she became jōnin and a mask when she was designated to the ANBU forces.

Her scythe name is Yūyake (夕焼け) which meas "sunset" and originally belonged to Akihiro Terumī. Because she carries her scythe since she was six, she has developed strong legs and can run fast even when she's carring her weapon. However, since the time chūnin exams, she carries it in a scroll.

When she left Kirigakure she changed her outfit completely and wore once more her headband but on the neck. She prefers light, comfortable clothing as shown: black trousers, dark purple sleeveless top, black jacket and high ninja sandals.

After joining Akatsuki, she wore a stand uniform until she left to return to Kirigakure, re-dressing the outfit he wore when he left the village but keeping the black polish on her nails.


Ninja Skills

While in the battlefield Kasumi tends to use a water clone to figure out the enemy abilities and tactic as soon as she can. Because of this the enemy usually thinks she rushes to battle while she's actually planing a counterstrategy before making the first move.
Stats kasumi

Kasumi stats.

She doesn't have huge chakra reserves so she must think carefully how is she gonna spend it. This is why she tends to use Bukijutsu even tho she's better at Ninjutsu.

Kasumi can read the enemy but no the ally. She does not understand other people feelings unless they say it clearly. She even has trouble remembering people by face and name. Because of this many people consider her as a cold person.

She lacked of teamwork spirit. She always fights like she's alone so it was pretty hard to work along with her. While in Shinobu's teamKozue and Kuribu got used to it after a while and she also opened to them more than with everyone else. With Deidara was pretty easy because she only has to finished those whom survived the explosions, they even managed to create some jutsus taking advantage of the potential explosion in boil mist. Itachi, on the other hand, had a hard time while synergy was being developed between them and they never achieved a team fighting style.

In her early years her bloodlust helped her to accomplish missions unsuitable for her rank. That’s why she was able to ascend to Chuunin with her teammates, who were much more powerful than her. The same bloodlust that was so convenient to ascend to Chuunin kept people away. She didn't have friends besides her teammates and wasn't popular in her clan neither the village. As she grew up and become a good kunoichi her clan started to respect her more.

Kekkei Genkai

Like most of the members of her clan, Kasumi can use a liquid state of lava. She was always very talented at Ninjutsu but also worked hard to develop a high level skill in Lava Release.

Kasumi developing Lava Release: Hellball.

Kasumi is a user of magma control, which allowes her to manipulate lava that has not been produced inside her body. Unlike other chakra natures, it's harder to manage the the existing lava than mold the chakra inside the body. This is because, generally, the lava is many kilometers deep in the earth. But in Kasumi's case, the fact that she does not have large reserves of chakra forces her to extract lava from the earth most of the time.

Like her sister, she can also use Boil Release but she's not so skillful at this. She spent a lot of time trying to imitate Steaming Danger Tyranny but was never able to perform it. She had to be creative to give a good use to this Kekkei Genkai to overcome the limitations she had. However, whenever she performs a Boil Release jutsu, Kasumi ends up exhausted because of the chakra consumed.


Kasumi was not naturally fast but she was hard trained by Sanae as soon as she earned the right to use her scythe. Eventually she managed to deal with it and became one of the fastest Genins in Kirigakure.

She is not an expert in Bukijutsu making her rely on her speed in order to perform accurate attacks. Even though she’s fast and have strong legs, her Taijutsu isn't so good. Without her scythe, she could't fight at a melee range for long. This makes Kasumi

Water Dragon

weapon dependant, if by any chance she loses Yūyake in battle she can only fight with Ninjutsu since her Genjutsu is terrible too.

When her speed reached its highest point, the movement of her body started leaving a reddish afterimage due to her hair, this is how she has earned her the nickname of Crimson Ghost.

After leaving Kirigakure she must have improved some skills in order to survive, her Bukijutsu and Taijutsu are the ones which she managed to improve faster while her Boil Release is the last. This is because she needs chakra to practice Ninjutsu while the first two only requiere stamina.

Non Ninja Skills

She can sing like an angel and scream like a demon. She used to sing in funerals, which is a tradition in her clan. Mei loves hear Kasumi because it makes her feel that her sister is more than just a kunoichi, she's human.

She sucks at cooking. Actually her cooking is almost as dangerous as her scythe since it looks delicious but tastes terrible. Since she lost her sense of taste when she was young, she is never the first one to notice how bad her food tastes.

She lacks social skills, but cares deeply about Kirigakure's people, her family and her friends. That's why those who realize this empathize with her.

Stats by Age

AS &  Genin Stats

Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Hand seals Total
Five  1.5 1 0 2 1 2 1 0 8.5
Eight  2 1 0 2.5 1.5 3 2 1 13
Ten  3 2.5 0 3 2 3


2 17.5
Chunin Stats Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Hand seals Total
Twelve  3 2.5 0 3 3 3.5 2.5 3 20.5
Fourteen  4 3 0 3.5 3.5 4 3 4 25
Jounin Stats Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Hand seals Total
Sixteen  4.5 3 0 4 4 4.5 3 4.5 27.5
Eighteen  5 3.5 0 5 4,5 5 3 5 31


Kasumi is not a romantic woman on the surface. She rather dedicate her time to improve her abilities, to do what she thinks is best for her sister and to save her village later on. Because of this, in her early years, she has little to no interest in love. However, during her journey from shinobi to missing ninja some of her feelings are revealed and strengthened. She discovered deep feelings lying beneath the surface and learned a little more about herself.


Mei Terumī

Mei is the most important person to Kasumi. She's the one who always supported her and the only one who treated her well before it was notorious Kasumi was a prodigy. There is only one thing Kasumi loves more than Kirigakure and that is her sister. 

Toshiro Terumī

The relationship between Kasumi and her dad was always uneasy. Because of her talent, Toshiro wanted Kasumi to follow his steps so she would become a better version of himself, but she rather live her own experiences since she had a different way of seeing things. At the end, he came to terms with her and valued her for what she was. This is why he willingly gives her his life when Yagura ordered her to kill him.

Tomoe Terumī

Kasumi doesn't remember her mother but knows how much she loved her since Tomoe gave birth to Kasumi despite knowing that it would cost her her own life.

Sanae Terumī

With Toshiro on missions almost all the time, Sanae used to take care of Mei and Kasumi when they were little. She was who first noticed Kasumi was a prodigy while training her and Nobuo. Sanae was tough but fair when training Kasumi, she even helped her to master Yūyake despite being against of Kasumi using it.

Sen Terumī

Kasumi felt the love of a father through her uncle Sen. Sen loved children and wanted to become a father himself so he took care of his nieces while waiting Sanae's opinion on the matter. Before he died, he instilled the courage to stand and fight for what she loves, walking her own path by her own rules, and so she did.


Kasumi met her grandmother during a christmas when she was five. Mei had insisted long enough to convince Toshiro to take Kasumi to Sora-ku to meet her grandmother and uncle since Kasumi was too young to remeber the last time she saw Nekoba. During that visit Kasumi got Tomoe's necklace from Nekobaa and shortly later gave it to Itachi as a good luck talisman.

Mitsuo Terumī

She was never close to her uncle but Kasumi respected Mitsuo and he was proud of her while she was part of the village. When the time came, she explained him why was she going to kill Toshiro and flee the village, and apologized to Mitsuo for not being able to do something better. As the leader of the clan, Mitsuo felt always grateful for what she had done since it saved the rest of the clan, but her sacrifice would only has sense if he remained silent. He carried that weight until Kasumi died and then revealed to the clan how she saved them all.

Mimiko Terumī

Mimiko never liked Kasumi. Maybe because she disliked Tomoe or maybe because Kasumi brought to light the flaws of her own son. Kasumi never paid much attention to Mimiko. Their relationship was almost non-existent.


To Kasumi her uncle was a little eccentric. Used to her life around shinobis, meet someone like Komiya introduced her to the warmness and happiness of a simpler life. Komiya used to pamper her and talked to her about her mom with a great deal of love instead of sadness.

Nobuo Terumī

At the begining they had a one sided rivalry relationship. Nobuo was always trying to show off his abilities to establish that he was worthy, so he made her compete with him. Even though they were in different levels, Kasumi understood the importance of Nobuo within the clan and would never hesitate to rescue him. Eventually, Nobuo matured enough to recognize Kasumi as a shinobi more proficient than him, and asked her for help to begin train seriously for the first time in his life.


Kasumi was always kind towards Tamaki and used to adopt a babysitter attitude around her. Tamaki seems to remeber this since she showed herself to be very supportive about Kasumi's decisions, even when Nekobaa did not agree with them.

Friends & Allies

Kuribu Kuriarare 

Since childhood, to Kasumi, Kuribu always was that one friend she can count on no matter what. But to Kuribu, Kasumi was more than that. Over the years, his feelings of friendship towards her evolved into love. Depite having been incited to confess his feelings by Kozue and Shinobu, Kuribu only revealed his feelings to Kasumi minutes before dying.

Kozue Shuko

Kasumi and Kozue developed a friendship based in a mutual understanding of each other. Kasumi knew what it feels not being good enough and having to earn your own place within one's family and so did Kozue. She felt sorry for him everytime he was depressed or had troubles with his father, and used to try to cheer him up with Kuribu, being Kuribu more talented at this.

Shinobu Hatsuyo

Shinobu and Kasumi respect each other. Shinobu understands her student flaws and virtues and know how to work based on them. Kasumi surprised Shinobu twice. The first time was when they first meet, since Kasumi made Shinobu fight Kasumi seriously, being her only an academy student, and even then her hair was cut by her. The second was when Kasumi survived Shinobu's poison. After that, Shinobu never underestimate Kasumi again. Kasumi admires Shinobu and learned a lot from her.


Deidara is like a brother to Kasumi. He's honest about his feelings and his temperament reminds her of Mei's at times. She respects very much his art and enjoys seeing it in action. She thinks his art is somehow like fireworks but unlike it, it still shine under daylight. However, unlike him, she thinks their combine attacks as something smart while he sees them as something artistic. Despite being him much more younger than her, Kasumi's short height makes them look like they have the same age, this is one of the reason they were adressed as terror twins.


Like he was for many others, Sakibu was a mentor to Kasumi.


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Reika Unsho 

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Yuzuru Uzumaki 

to come

Kowa Kumazaki

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Seiji Hamaken

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Yukari Asano

For a long time, Yukari dislike Kasumi because she thought Kasumi was arrogant for ignoring her and her classmates on purpose. However, after Yukari was saved by Kasumi during the chunin exams and learned about Kasumi's problem remebering faces and names, Yukari reset her opinions about her and got to friendly terms with her.

Manato Onishi

to come

Miki Kaname

They were, at best, acquaintances. They were classmates but never exchanged words. Kasumi despised Miki's weakness and how comfortable she was with her own flaws, although she never showed any signs of this, unlike Yukari.


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Love Interest

Itachi Uchiha

She doesn’t quite understand love but she knows she feels different around him. They met at Nekobaa’s store when they were children and reunited years later. When she suspected she had feeling for him she told him right away but was rejected. He does not show romantic interest in her till he sees how much she loves her sister and become aware that she is able to feel strong emotions despite not showing them. They got together for a short time.



While he’s not actually an enemy, the fact he lost control of himself and let an evil person rule Kirigakure, makes Kasumi consider him a dangerous person to the village and its people. This is why she had no remorse when she killed him even though she felt pity for him.

Madara Uchiha

Since Madara controlled Yagura to sealed Isobu into Rin and prevent Obito from returning to Konoha, Madara is an indirect enemy of Kasumi.

Obito Uchiha

Kasumi fought Obito in many ways without realizing who her really enemy was, while Obito was full aware of the inconvenient Kasumi turn out to be to many of his plans. It was awkward to him find out Kasumi was finally dead and it had nothing to do with him.


First Steps

Kasumi was born as an hybrid blood inside her clan during the Third Ninja War. Her mother died short after she gave birth to her so her father and sister were the ones who rised her.

Kasumi was very mature for her age and soon enough she got interested in the family profession. She looked up to her father most. When she learned a little bit about the rules of the clan she felt less capable of reaching her goal since she wasn't sure she would ever be able to manage Lava Release or not, which was mandatory if she wanted to be a high rank shinobi.

Because of the way he looks and even tho they were sisters, she saw Mei as a more pure Terumī than herself but just couldn't give up she still wanted to belong to the clan and become a valuable member.

She started training to reach her dream while she got absorbed in ninja history books. She saw those stories as the most interested fable and before long she was admiring war heroes. This obsession took all her time and the admiration she felt for his father slowly waned. 

When she was not training she was reading so she didn't have much time to make friends. Moreover, his kind of socialization was a waste of time to her. Kasumi was never very popular among kids nor did she want to be. So she spend as much time as she could with Mei, who managed to spend some time with her little sister between boyfriends and missions.

Kasumi also spend a lot of time with her second favourite person, her uncle Sen. Along with Mei, they were the only ones to love Kasumi for what she was and no for what she might become. He might not be the most powerful Terumī but he surely know how to shine with his own light. He became a great shinobi by making and following his own rules, which led Kasumi to do the same years later.

It wasn’t rare the occasion when Mei turn down a date to spend the day with Kasumi. Kasumi had fun with Mei instead of kids of her own age. The sisters would go to the bamboo forest to track small animals and recollect some herbs that Mei would later used to cook, while Kasumi watches as she was always quite untalented at this.

The first time Kasumi visited her grandmother at Sora-ku, Nekobaa was busy with one of her biggest clients, Fugaku Uchiha. He and his first son were buying weapons at the time when Komiya suddenly had a problem with a new ninneko. After being requested to help Komiya, Itachi and Kasumi skillfully capture the ninja cat. On this occasion, Itachi mentioned that his younger brother would be born in a few months, which led Kasumi to think that her mother's necklace would surely bring good luck to the new elder brother. Itachi accepted the gift and wore the necklace till his las day.

Two years later, Kasumi lost her uncle, Sen at the age of six and was the first important person in her life to perish so she understood for the very first time his father feelings towards her mother's death. Even though Sen died when Kasumi was a child, he taught her to stop trying to be a second Toshiro and follow her own path instead. It took years for Kasumi to want to look at the stars in the company of another person. She always flashes a small sincere smile when she remember her uncle, and the times they watch the star sky together. She do the same every time she thinks about Mei.

She was trained to be the second best shinobi in the clan and a support for the future leader, but her rival was her spoiled cousin, so she quickly overpassed him. Since her sparing partner, Nobuo was not interested on getting better she got bored soon, so she started a parallel training by herself which helped her to improve her speed. Later on, this side training was supervised by Mei and was essential because it enabled her to used her scythe.

Academy Days

At the Academy, Kasumi was never bullied but ignored. She was not an outgoing person and couldn't care less about making friends so this situation was idyllic. When the practice began she was untalented at Genjutsu, lower than average at Taijutsu but very skilful at Ninjutsu. Her training with Mei gave her a precise control on her chakra which was very useful since she haven't got large amout reserves of chakra.

During this period she focused on her Ninjutsu and tried to improve her Taijutsu which was possible once she wielded Yūyake.

When she was ten, Kirigakure desperately needed new ninjas. Because of this, Yagura picked the best Taijutsu, Genjutsu and Ninjutsu students and created a team under Shinobu's directions. This team would take care of the lowest rank missions so the experienced shinobis could focus in more important matters.  

However, Shinobu didn't want students so, when the time came and she had the chance to test the three academy students, she poisoned them. The poison was not strong enough to kill an adult but they were children."They will be too scared and weak to go on. That if they even survive", Shinobu assumed, but she was wrong. Luckly the three of them overcame the poison and even when Kasumi lost the sense of taste for ever, the three of them carried on and became shinobis.

Team Shinobu

As expected, team Shinobu had a high percentage of completed missions. While Shinobu was always very clever when it comes to tactics, she also understood perfectly how to use the abilities of each member of her team. She had an especialist for each ocation and surely took advantage of it.

Kozue 's kekkei genkai was very useful when they had to gather information, or use the enemy as a puppet or bait to attract others. Even with a regular katana, Kuribu was quite talented at handling multiple enemies at the same time. His dexterity and accuracy plus his knowlage of human body made him a scary rival to face. Kasumi was the fastest of the three, she hasn't got a lot of chakra but one technique of her was enough to defeat almost any oponent of her same age. However she rarely relied on her ninjutsu and rather used Yūyake in battle. She like to feel the pain of her enemies through her scythe.

For two years mission went well and life was good. Kasumi learnt to use and Lava Release in an unusual way: Magma Control, which helped her with her chakra problems. On the other hand, Shinobu had started preparing her teamfor Chūnin Exams considering that after two years of experience they were more than ready.

After they passed, Kuribu was told he was going to be the next Nuibari wielder, just like his father was before himself. But at the time, Obito’s influence was making Yagura paranoid and he began to suspect the Shuko clan. Yagura ordered Toshiro Terumī, among other ninjas, to destroy Shuko clan and so they did. Kozue was murdered by Toshiro in front of Kuribu and Kasumi eyes one day, when the three of them came back home from a mission.

Kasumi wanted to fight her dad right away and take revenge for Kozue’s dead but Kuribu stopped her. Like Kasumi, Kuribu didn’t understand what was going on but he was afraid Toshiro would accepted the challenge and kill Kasumi too. Later on, Mei told Kasumi it was Yagura’s orders in order to exempt Toshiro from guilt. 

Mizukage Madness

Supported by Kuribu and Shinobu, Kasumi objurgated Yagura about what happened but he gave no argument nor apology. Without and explanation, time carried on and Kasumi and Kuribu became Anbu. Kuribu also received Nuibari and the two of them started getting separate missions. Kasumi kept her investigation about what had happened to Shuko clan despite Kuribu warnings. She was just too stubborn to let it go and that’s how she learnt about Saburo, a mad ninja who in the past suspected Yagura was being posed by someone else. Kasumi didn’t believed this was true at first. But after a little more investigation the truth cannot longer being unseeing. Saburo had tried saving Yagura and that was his mistake, Kasumi was going to try to save Kirigakure instead.

Little she know she was also being investigated by the Mizukage, and he cannot longer allowed her to stay in the village. Kasumi suddenly became a threat to him and something must be done about it, but before of that he had to take care of her guardian hound: Kuribu.

This is why a trap was set and Kuribu fell. When Kasumi was forced to say goodbye to Kuribu something broke inside her, something that also took away her bloodlust. But Mei was there for her, as it had always been. After a few months when Kasumi finally had calmed down her heart, Yagura took care of the last loose end. The Mizukage ordered her to kill her own clan for the same reason he ordered to kill Shuko clan: constipation. Kasumi was smarter and remember him that, unlike Shuko clan, Terumī clan is one of the founding clans of Kirigakure and it wouldn’t be difficult for them to gain allies and fight back. Suspecting of the Zabuza's second complot and since the Terumī clan was not Yagura’s target, he agreed to let the clan alone. Instead of chasing her family, Yagura would allow them to exist if Kasumi killed its most powerful shinobi: Toshiro. Knowing what this means and carrying a wound that never closed, Kasumi killed her father and left Kirigakure and her sister behind.


She was now an outcast and to survive she became a mercenary while she was still plotting against Yagura.

Kasumi leaving Kirigakure.

During this days, she met Deidara and were rivals for a while. After that, they became friends and were known as terror twins. They recruited different people and founded Infernal Legion. The porpoise of this organization was to kill Yagura and they managed to do so but it lost all its members except for Deidara and Kasumi.

After the rupture of Infernal Legion, Akatsuki got interested in Deidara’s abilities and asked him to join them, but Deidara would never leave Kasumi behind. First in Kirigakure and now in Akatsuki, Obito just couldn’t get rid of Kasumi, no matter how hard he tried. She was his karma for what he had done to Kirigakure.

Meanwhile in Kirigakure, Mei was selected to be the fifth Mizukage. It was not the best situation and she didn’t count with many supporters since she not only belong to the same clan the previous Mizukage killer did, she was her sister. If she couldn't control her sister’s actions, what were the odds she could protect Kirigakure from her? Instability ruled the village during this period.

While in Akatsuki, Kasumi reunited with Itachi after many years. She thought he could be the one link between her and her old life, but she was wrong. Itachi was not the one he once was. He was cold and uncaring about everyone or so she thought. She got mad at him, she cannot accept nor understand why he didn’t love his brother anymore. She just wanted to stay away from him and stick with image of what he once was.

After that, Kasumi started to notice some inconsistences between what Itachi says and what he does, and finally discovered the truth. She started to admire him because of the noble and silence protection Itachi gave to his brother and, for the very first time, she felt she understood another person feelings. This is how she slowly felt in love with him, but she was rejected.

He, on the other hand, didn’t want to have anything to do with her. To him, it was stupid to start a relationship with someone knowing he had to fight Sasuke eventually. The sorrow it will bring to the other person would be more intense than the joy the love might bring. She was able to understand him and he enjoyed this but nothing more.

The Last Battle

When Kasumi discovered Mei was the new Mizukage, she also became aware of the danger her sister was in. At this point Kasumi knew the former Mizukage must be avenged by the current one to earn the villagers respect, and she was willing to let this happened. Obito was finally going to get rid of Kasumi but not when or how he had thought. As soon Itachi knew about Kasumi’s plans, he tried to convince her to not do so. He even tried to use her fraternity with Deidara as an excuse but it was pointless. Was there when he realized his feelings for her and the two of them lived a brief romance.


Kasumi leaving Akatsuki to fight Mei

When she was ready, Kasumi went back to Kirigakure and fight Mei. Before dying, Kasumi asked Mei to marry and be happy. She die wondering if Kirigakure would take care of Mei as much as Mei will take care of Kirigakure.

As Kasumi had requested, Itachi erased all the memories about her from Deidara’s mind. But the heart is a powerful thing and he started to say “katsu” before all his attacks without knowing why. Deidara was once again recruited by Akatsuki.

Some time later, Nakobaa and Tamaki visited Mei and told her the truth about Kasumi. Mei already suspected it but hearing it from her grandmother broke her heart. Mei still want to get marry but can't find someone that loves her as much as Kasumi did.

Itachi died fighting Sasuke, later on Deidara died fighting Sasuke too. The three of them, Itachi, Deidara and Kasumi were revived on the four shinobi war but they didn’t meet. 


  • Kasumi sucks not only at cooking but at homework in general. She's not wife material at all.  
  • Since she cannot taste anything she doesn't have a favourite good, however she prefers soft and warm food.
  • She tends to forget the faces and names of the people she doesn't interact often.
  • The scythe Kasumi uses belongs to Akihiro, the first leader of the clan. Its name is Yūyake.
  • She has an amazing voice full of energy and feelings. While it isn't melodious, her singing can melt hearts. This is the only thing no-ninja related that she does well. She used to sing at funerals as part of clan Terumī's traditions.
  • What Kasumi loves more about herself is her hair because it connected her with her clan and relatives; the one thing she hates more about herself is her eye colour because of the same reason.
  • Her hobbies include singing, visiting the hot springs, watching the stars, reading about ninja history and tactics and write about the jutsus she sees, learns and develops.
  • Kasumi and Deidara had a a sibling-like relationship, but she could never forget Mei and Kirigakure and that sealed her destiny.
  • In an AU Kasumi also died before Itachi, but the two of them had a daughter, who they leave with Neko-baa. Her name is Rei.


  • (To Sanae) "I want to become stronger to protect Kirigakure and our clan."
  • (To Nobuo) "You talk too much and train too little, that's why you are mediocre."
  • (To Yukari) "Are you really ok with this? This is an awful place to die."
  • (To Mei) "Why do you date someone who can't defeat you?"
  • (To Mei) "You mean I have a date?! That really sucks."
  • (To Deidara) "Your art is somehow like fireworks but unlike it , it still shine under daylight."
  • (To Itachi) "You are not like I remembered."


Daughters of Darkness

Daughters of Darkness


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