Kaori Oyama (オヤマ, カオリ - Oyama, Kaori) is an original character created by trippi. She originated from Kirigakure, and is part of Akatsuki currently.

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She is currently 27 years old, is 6' 2" and weighs about 150 lbs.


Kaori appears to be crow-like and possibly "haggish" in appearance. Her skin colour is an unhealthy shade of pale olive due to being exposed to chemicals and poisons frequently. She comes from an uncommon ethnicity called Wū Yā Rén, (literally meaning "Crow People" in Mandarin Chinese). She's easily recognized as one for her tawny yellow eyes and her staggering height. Her entire torso and arms are covered in bandages, and she wears light armor over this. Under her bandages are acid/chemical burns and various other scars from her experimenting a lot.




poison stuff and all that jazz. details laterr