"In evey lie there is a bit of truth"
Kai Akiri

Kai Akiri Born in a small village near the village hidden in the Mist, Kai Akiri is a retired ninja. She wanders througout the villages, picking up some odd jobs here and there to keep her skills intact while she strives for her goal. That goal is none other than to become recognized as one of the best spies ever heard of.


Kai Akiri grew up in a slightly povertized town not far from the Village Hidden in the Mist. Her fathr worked hard to make sure that his two children had a decent life and tried as hard as he could to keep them fed. When Kai was six years old, there was a shortage of food and rough times surrounded their village. While she was looking for foos she stumbled upn a group of ninja making their way to the capital. The jonin in the group took pity on young Kai and gave her some peaches. After she asked why he would do such a nice thing he replied "I will do everything in my power to help the people of my village". These words inspired her and Kai sme a ninja in order to help her village as well.

When she was 8 her father had raised enough money to send her off to the academy. For five years she studied and worked hard to cmpete with all of the natural geniuses that were in her age group. She failed the gennin exams on her first try, but luckily for her, Zabuza Momochi had already gone by a few years back, so she survived and passed the exams on her second try.

With her tough but fair sensei, Boku Yatari, and her two teamates, Ryoundu Mahame and Wai Ukiga, Kai quickly progressed in her ninja career. She learned that she had a knack for spying, and her team helped her refine and expand on her strength while teaching her ways to make up for her weaknesses. Within two years team 64 was more than ready for the chunnin exams. Their contant struggle of pushing foward and completing hader missions paid off when they all passed the exam with ease. This would be the only exam that Kai passed on her first try.

After reaching chunnin, Kai quicky became a workaholic, trying to fufill her vow of helping her village. She was very rarely seen outside of a mission unless she was passed out or in the hospital due to severe wounds from the build up of missions. Her family and team were concerned for her health and safety, but she quickly brushed off their concern and continued to drive herself into the ground.

After taking and failing the Jonnin exams at the age of 18, Kai began taking more difficult missions back to back. Due to such strain, her abilities were not up to par as they normally were. On one mission that involved her sensei, Kai made a novice mistake and Boku jumped in to save her. While she ran back to the village with the information she was able t obtain, Boku fought off over 50 samurai and 3 A-rank ninjas. Kai was able to make it back to the village with detailed information of a coup de etat. Boku Yatari did not make it back at all.

After the death of her sensei, Kai locked herself up for a month, mourning for her sensei and also thinking about how far she had strayed from her path.After talking to the remainder of her team, she realized how destructive she had been to herself and quickly resigned from being a shinobi. She realized that missions were not how she could really help her village; but her aptitude at spying could. So she set herself a new goal; to become one of the best spies in history.


Gender: female Age: 21

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 125

Hair: red

Eyes: purple


Father: Jin Akiri

Siblings:Little brother: Yahani Akiri

Battle Details


Specialty Jutsu: Konki Sekisho (energy barrier)- emits a barrier of chakra that is impenetrable a
White fan
Black fan
d surround the user. When developed more it can surround an area up to 50 feet while still fully protecting those inside

Chakra type: Wind

Experiece with Chakra type: minimal-average

Chakra control: High

Offensive or defensive: Defensive Weapons: two medium sized fans

Gen-Jutsu: watashi tei (I-spy)-used exactly as the name says. A spying justu that makes it seem as if the user simply isn’t there,

 saiki (recovery)-used to make user/person affected as if they are not in pain/not in a hostile situation,
 hitoshirezu negai (hidden desire)-shows whatever the person affected’s inner desire is and makes it a reality

Tai-Jutsu: striking mixed style, stealth, surprise- used to ambush opponents, relys on stealth, speed, accuracy

Nin-Justu: basics, stealth/decapitation justu

Fuin-Jutsu: slightly advanced; scroll sealing, paralysis seals, trap seals

Ken-Jutsu: rasuto rizo-to (last resort)-takes all of the users chakra and targets individuals/groups, creaking a pulse that deteriorates those targeted within 200km of user. Complete drain of chakra, very low-no chance of survival*

  • this was the jutsu that Boku used in order to save Kai, she found the scroll containing the information and understands the concept, but has never practiced it.

Statistics out of scale of 5

  • Capture3333333
    Ninjustu: 2
  • Taijutsu: 1.5
  • Genjutsu: 5
  • Intelligence: 4.5
  • Force (Power): 1
  • Speed: 3.5
  • Stamina (Chakra Levels): 2.5
  • Seal Knowledge: 3.5


Teammates: Wai Ukiga, Ryondu Mahame'

  • Missions:= S: 0, A: 24, B: 100, C: 260, D: 32

Strength: Observive, intelligent, calm, soft spoken, creative, loyal, patient

Weakness: lazy, slightly perverted, stubborn, blunt, not very social, not a good leader

Likes: Peaches, ferrets, reading, spying, small pranks

Dislikes: Cats, the mizukage, apples, people who like to hurt others, obnoxious people

Fears: Dying of starvation Village: Mist

Blood type: O positive

Birthday: 5/13

Rank before retiring: Chunnin Exams Taken: gennin exams, chunnin exams, jonin exams(failed)


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