Kagume Clan

Kagume Clan

(カゴメ一族, Kagume Ichizoku)


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18px-Konohagakure Symbol.svg Konohagakure

Kekkei Genkai

18px-Osoigan.svg Osoigan

Known Members

Raine Boji

Aoto Kagume

Arasune Kagume

Kimei Kagume

Nasune Kagume

Naoto Kagume

Nobi Kagume

Saisho Kagume

Sati Kagume

The Kagume Clan (カゴメ一族, Kagume Ichizoku) is a clan that resides in Konohagakure. They produce exceptionally talented shinobi and possess the Osoigan.


The Kagume Clan formed in Konohagakure with the head of the clan being one of the most powerful members of he clan at that time. After the death of the last head, the new head became Saisho Kagume, a shinobi who matched the skills with any member of the Mori, Uchiha and Hyuga clans. Saisho became worldly known across the village, being looked as one of the heroes.

Saisho became a great asset to the village. Years after the clan became known, a new member was born. Saisho's first born being Aoto, was deemed the new heir of the main branch of the Kagume Clan. Aoto was provicent, even at a young age showing his powerful ability. Naoto was born five years after Aoto.

Just like their father, both gained the Osoigan, a powerful dōjutsu that grants the user to slow down time and space. Saisho made them practice their profoundly new dōjutsu all the time.


The Kagume are famous for their powerful chakra, fast speed and their quick adaptable movements to environments. Some of the members of clan possesses an innate affinity for Fire and Lightning Release nature transformation. Along with the Fire and Lightning Releases, certain members gain the Scorch Release, like Naoto Kagume who is the only one with this at the moment.

The Kagume clan are known for the Osoigan, a kekkei genkai which gives them the ability to slow down time and space. Only a select few members of the Kagume clan manifested the Osoigan, mainly because most of the members does not have either the Fire or Lightning Releases. While on the battlefield, once the Kagume clan activates the Osoigan, the beings on the field slow down, giving the Kagume members a chance to attack.

Only three members of the clan had managed to go pass the Osoigan into the Ribāsu Osoigan. The three members are Sati, Aoto and Naoto. This is activated when the Osoigan is in contact with the Scorch Release.


  • Kagume is another way of pronouncing "kagome" (カゴメ, demon), which is part Kagume clan symbol. Even though meaning demon, the Kagume clan is not considered evil. The symbol also has a heart in the middle.
  • The clan had various places affiliated with them:
    • A river where new members train, Naoto looks for his sons to train there when they are a certain age.
    • An arena where the up-and-coming shinobi are tested.


The Kagume Clan Symbol was made by EveClark on Deviantart.

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