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Young 11 tails

(コージン, Kōjin)

Eleven-Tails (ジューイチビ, Jū-ichibi)


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Nisemono Tailed Beast


Sorbari Junsui

Auisukiddo uchimoto


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Kurama (Yang Chakra)

Matatabi (Yin Chakra)

Nature Type

18px-Nature_Icon_Fire_svg.png Fire Release

18px-Nature_Icon_Wind_svg.png Wind Release

Unique Traits

Absorbs physical, spiritual, and natural chakra from external sources


Chakra Transfer Technique

Tailed Beast Shockwave

Tailed Beast Ball

Rapid Tailed Beast Ball Combo

Eleven Tails Beam

Quick Beast Bomb

Sage Mode

Universal Destruction (Super Compressed Beast Ball)


Kōjin (コージン, Kōjin) more commonly known as the Eleven-Tails (ジューイチビ, Jū-ichibi) is the one of the few known artificial tailed beast in the ninja world. He was biologically created from the cells of Kurama (Nine-Tails) and Matatabi (Two-Tails) by an unknown individual who was believed to the Junsui decades before First Shinobi World War. In recent history, he was sealed within Yumi Junsui less than a week before the Nine Tails' Attack on Konoha. Kōjin shows mostly negative emotions towards the world and can be considered more "malicious" than the nine tails. According to Sorbari, Kōjin would easily take revenge on the Village Hidden in Peace if he had the opportunity.


Kōjin came into being in the beginning of the Warring States Period. He was created by a strange individual that no one knows anything about up to this day. At the time, Tetsukage Katsuro was the only one who had even seen this strange being. Katsuro discovered him in a remote area which had a ninjutsu sealed pit where Kōjin was held. Why Katsuro was there or how he "stumbled" across such discovery is unknown. When the Tetsukage ran into this person, Kōjin was following close behind him with seemly no conscious state by the look of his eye. The man whispered something to Katsuro, then disappeared before his eyes without a trace. Immediately, the once listless beast suddenly revealed affliction and agitation in it eyes. Kōjin let out a screeching roar and attacked Katsuro for seamlessly no reason. RIght then, the Tetsukage blunged the monster into a pit created with a earth style technique and han sealed Kōjin away. Katsuro created the Beast Containment Team to keep watch over Kōjin, and to make sure the villagers didn't know about it's existence to prevent misunderstandings, assumptions, and most importantly, maintaining their peace of mind.


He is dumb and can be extremely stubborn and easily agitate. It's almost no use negotiating with him over anything, unless if it benefits him.


Although he has blue fur like the two-tails his physical attribute follow very closely with the nine-tails.


Kōjin can easily absorb chakra in many types of forms allowing to perform many chakra concentrated techniques.


  • He is called the eleven tails solely based on the tailed beast he was created from. The term is colloquial.