Informant-nin (訴人忍, Sonin-nin, English TV: information ninja) are special teams of shinobi within Hyōgagakure Anbu who are tasked with obtaining information and selling it to individuals who would be interested. While infamous across all of the shinobi countries for their services, the information they provide is reputed to be never wrong.


An Informant-nin's uniform consists of a light-brown jacket containing multiple scroll pockets with a scarf-like accessory that acts as a collar, and standard shinobi pants. They also wear masks with large, black, almond shaped eye holes with their village symbol on the forehead. Much like the masks of Hunter-nin, their masks have a more human resemblance, rather than the typical animal motif masks of other Anbu. They have been known to collect information on specific shinobi, ninjutsu village secrets, military plans, and even rumors.

Being tasked with gathering information, Informant-nin are all highly capable spies and master negotiators. When a client wishes to know something, the Informant-nin sets a price that they feel is proper for the information that they give. While bargaining is rarely done, an Informant-nin may be willing to trade knowledge for knowledge if they feel they it can benefit their village more than monetary compensation. Once a month, Informant-nin are expected to send 95% of their earnings back to Hyōgagakure through the use of a special space-time technique.

In the event that an Informant-nin is at risk of being captured by enemy forces, they are expected to kill themselves in order to prevent the secrets they hold from being revealed to others. When somebody impersonates an Informant-nin, they are to be brutally killed and their corpse left as a warning to those who would try to benefit from their reputation.

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