Hokusai Clan

Hokusai Clan


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Mangetsugakure Mangetsugakure

Allied Clans

Garou clan Garō

Ichigatani clan Ichigatani

Kekkei Genkai

Dojutsu eye Jowazagan


Gender Male Takitaro Hokusai

Known Members

Gender Male Shunro Hokusai

Gender Male Kako Hokusai

Gender Male Taito Hokusai

Gender Male Gakyojin Hokusai

Gender Male Manji Hokusai

Gender Male Katsushika Hokusai

Gender Male Suruki​ Hokusai


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The Hokusai Clan (北斎一族, Hokusai Ichizoku) is a small clan of Mangetsugakure known for their dōjutsu Jowazagan.


As one of the founding clans, the Hokusei clan has been serving and protectiong Mangetsugakure since the days of civil war.

However, due to an anomaly on their bodies, the clan has never been able to grow bigger. The members of this clan usually have fertility problems and many of them are born sterile.

Since its dojutsu is powerful enough to persevere despite the mixture of blood, the clan fervently encourages the reproduction of its members with people of better health. It is very rare to see two members of the Hokusei clan married as the offspring, if any, will have many health problems and may even not survive the first years of life.


Despite their poor health, the Hokusei genes are strong. It's pretty easy to spot a Hokusei by just looking at them.
Clan doujutsu
All the members of this clan have pink eyes and dark green hair.

When the Jowazagan is activated, their pupils acquire a pale pink coloration and its shape changes from a circle to a cross.

Most of them rather wear the standar Mangetsugakure's uniform but those who are not shinobis are often seen wearing traditional clothes with the symbol of their clan on it.


Kekkei Genkai

Jowazagan is a power dōjutsu able to supress enemy's attacks. Although all the members of this clan are born with this dōjutsu, the power is different for each user. Weak users are prone to cancel only ninjutsu or genjutsu, while strong users are able to destroy gekkei kenkais and others dōjutsu.

Chakra Prowess

This clan is also known for its large reserves of chakra and the quality of it, being strong enough to withstand the continued use of Jowazagan without tearing or destroying the eye's health.

Clan Traditions


  • This is an open clan which means anyone can create a Hokusai OC, the only condition is that your OC must live on Mangetsugakure.
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