Hausa Clan

Hausa clan symbol

(ハウサ語一族,Hausa Ichizoku)


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Known Members

Ranzō Hausa

Kanzō Hausa

Kinuzō Hausa


Shigure Hausa

The Hausa Clan (ハウサ語一族, Hausa Ichizoku) is a clan that resides in Konohagakure. This clan is one of the few that are unified with only strength.


The Hausa Clan is one of the few with a physical prowess that allows them to dominate simple situations. The members are strong in numbers, attributes, and on the battlefield. Many members, of the clan, are incredibly strong. Other clans call them the strongest in the village due to their physical appearances.

Ranzō Hausa is the current head of this clan, protect both it and the village from danger. They are actually all located by a steep boulder, that blocks many secret entrances to train from. From legends, the boulder that keeps their secret entrances safe was the first boulder there when Konohagakure was built. Now current members, like Kanzō Hausa, can penetrate the earth and lift a huge boulder-like piece of the earth from the ground.


  • Hausa means "dark", which is what the clan was founded.


The Hausa Clan Symbol was made by EveClark on Deviantart.

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