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Aconitum Techniques​

Allied Clans

Hōzuki Symbol Hōzuki Clan

Kurogawa symbolKurogawa Clan

Shuko clan symbol Shuko Clan

Terumi SymbolII Terumī Clan



Known Members

Male Shinya Hatusyo

Gender Female Shinobu Hatsuyo

Male Subaru




The Hatsuyo Clan (初芳一族, Hatsuyo Ichizoku) is one of the oldest clans of Kirigakure. It's known for their elaborate poisons and their resistance to them.


After fighting in theWarring States Period, the clan settled down in Kirigakure as one of the founding clans along with Kuriarare clan, Terumī clan and Hōzuki clan.

As a reward for they participation in the foundation of the village, the clan acquired fertile land in the mountains, where they they grow poisonous plants.

To preserve the honor of the clan and its traditions, those who can't or don't use the clan poison techniques are not allowed to use the family name. Subaru is an example of this.


The strongest feature of the members of this clan is their hair color and physique. The members of Hatsuyo clan always have some shade of blue hair and tend to be very tall and muscular.

  • Skin
  • Eyes
  • Hair

This clan has no restrictions on marriage, so the physical characteristics of its members may vary.


The shinobis of this clan usually use their poison in throwing weapons, such as kunais, shurikens and senbon. However, some of them had been seen using it on swords.


This clan cultivates and develops all their poisons from a herbaceous plant  named "Aconitum", known as aconite, monkshood, wolf's bane, leopard's bane, women's bane, Devil's helmet or blue rocket.

This plant is so poisonous that only 1mg of this plant is enough to kill an adult of 80 kgs. It's poison can be process in three different ways: solid, gas and liquid, being the last one the most used.

Clan Traditions

  • Herbalist and Gardening

This clan cultivate aconites in the clan lands on the mountains. It is common to be exposed to the poison of the plant at a young age to develop resistance faster, that's why even children help to take care of the plants.

Clan Nindō

"The only difference between a poison, a medicine and a narcotic is the dose."


  • Hatsuyo (初芳) means "new fragrant" and it's related to their poison techniques.
  • The first name of the members of this clan usually start with "S".
  • This is an open clan, which means anyone can create an OC for this clan. The only condition is that the OC must have the physical characteristics mentioned above and must live in Kirigakure.


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