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Known Members

Arata Harugasumi

Ayane Harugasumi

Ayumu Harugasumi

Bunji Harugasumi

Eito Harugasumi

Emon Harugasumi

Hachiro Harugasumi

Hada Harugasumi

Hiroyo Harugasumi

Ichizo Harugasumi

Kaito Harugasumi

Kenshin Harugasumi

Kokoro Harugasumi

Mari Harugasumi

Mariko Harugasumi

Monika Harugasumi

Nagisa Harugasumi

Noa Harugasumi

Omi Harugasumi

Saki Harugasumi

Susumu Harugasumi

Shun Harugasumi

Takuma Harugasumi

Tetsuo Harugasumi


Yoko Nohara

Yumi Harugasumi

Yuuto Harugasumi

Yuzuki Harugasumi


The Harugasumi clan is a clan from Konohagakure. They are one of the oldest clans from the village. They have a strong allience with the Senju clan. The clan gave many intellectual to it's village.


Before Konohagakure was a thing some of them believed that they are the descendants of the Sun. Of course it's false and historians says they might be descentands of someone from the now Kusagakure.

The mass murder of the Harugasumis

Ayumu's descendants never liked the Uchihas but Saki's descendants did. Susumu, who hated the Uchihas murdered 5 (and an unborn baby) clan members who liked them.

Known leaders

Apparence and traits

For girls a part of their hair is other colored than the another. It can be half of their hair or just a few part.

Some of the members also have heterochromia just like Nagisa. These can occur in every member, but most of the time the women are the one's who are born with it because these genes are in the X chromosome.

The Harugasumi's are fast learners and most of them are pretty smart.

Saki's line

Saki never really hated on anyone and tought that hatred is stupid. This thinking passed down to her daughter, who passed down this to her children. It originally meant that somebody was Saki's descendant, but now it means that this Harugasumi supports the Uchiha clan.

Ayumu's line

Since Ayumu hated every Uchiha, he taught their children that Uchihas are bad. This thinking was inherited by every descendant of his. It's like the Curse of Hatred, but they refuse to admit it. It originally meant that somebody was Ayumu's descendant, but now it means that this Harugasumi doesn't support the Uchiha clan.


  • Harugasumi means spring fog.
  • Susumu is the only man whith heterochromia.
  • The first character made for the clan was Nagisa.
  • The clan's logo is colored, howewer most members wear it colorless on their clothes, if they wear it at all.


The clan was made by WhiteCherry.

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