'Ichigo Terumi (Terumi Ichigo, 浜崎いちご) Is an original
character designed for the anime/manga Naruto.

Hamasaki Ichigo '('浜崎いちご) Age
-Part 1: 15
-Part 2: 17

-Part 1: Genin
-Part 2: Jounin

-Part 1: Kirigakure
-Part 2: Konohagakure

January 2

-Part 1: Uchiha Usagi and
Hiyuma Kanami

-Part 2: Uchiha Usagi
and Utamira Tenshi




Ichigo is extremely stubborn and has an egotistic flair. Her over-confidence is rooted in her appearance and fighting abilities and she often shows off and flaunts these characteristics in front of other, and pokes fun at anyone she sees as weak or unnattractive, including her teammate Himura Kanami. She is very flirtatious with both most boys and a few girls. Though she never has a relationship with another girl, she is assumed bisexual.


Ichigo's confidence is primarily routed in her appearance. Her hair is brown and falls at her waist, and her eyes are dark blue. In both the first and second arc, she wears low-cut shirts that reveal her shoulders and belly. Her forhead protector is worn around her neck in the frirst part, but is replaced with a bell and collar during Shippuden.


Ichigo grew up in Kirigakure and was raised by her mother. When she was very young, the two tailed cat demon was sealed inside her, as such from the age of four, Ichigo exhibited strange and unnatural powers. At the age of six, she killed two chuunin rank ninja and injured a third, she was then deemed a threat to her village. An operation was performed and a great ammount the demon's chakra was transferred to her small cat, Makito, making the chakra only accesible to Ichigo during battle. Shortly after, she began classes at the ninja academy. Ichigo graduated at the age of thirteen, along with teammates Himura Kanami and Uchiha Usagi. During her time as a Kirigakure genin, Ichigo earned the title of most promising genin in the village.


Ichigo is very highly skilled in ninjutsu and taijutsu; Her genjutsu, however, is not quite as developed. Ichigo is most lacking when it comes to intelligence. During her days at the ninja academy, she often recieved low-marks on tests. She has blundered and failed several missions because of small mistakes, such as forgetting to keep under-cover.

=== Jinchuriki ===

Ichigo post time-skip

When she was very young, the five tailed cat demon was sealed inside her, making her one of the few jinchuriki in existance. Most of the demon's excess chakra is sealed in Makito, and the kitten is always kept at her side in case of sudden attack. In dire situations, she is able to extract any needed chakra from the cat. The demon gives her a gateway to a special technique, which also allows her to steal or constrict her opponent's chakra levels; during this technique, the opponent is often rendered motionless and in pain until the technique is released, likely leaving the person unconcious or dead.