1. No Mary Sues, Gary Stus, or godmodding. The N.O.W is a Wiki for Original Characters. The original point of this place was to show that not all Naruto OCs are hopeless Mary-Sues with 0 creativity what so ever. Please visit our Mary Sue page for more details.

2. Be cautious when feathering out relations to canon characters and events. Just because your character is good, that does not mean there's an excuse to make any canon character OOC (out-of-character). 'Relations to canon characters' also entail being careful with your OCs Kekkei Genkai (Bloodline Limits) and original Jutsu, in relation with canon characters' Kekkei Genkai and Jutsu; realistically take into account their strengths and weaknesses too. Make sure that when you give your characters a Kekkei Genkai that already exists, you do your research first.

3. Fanart/Fanfiction external links and embedded pictures are allowed, as long as they are original and have proper citations. Citations in this context means simply crediting the author / artist within the reference section at the bottom of your page. Using art made by someone other than yourself requires express permission from the original artist. If you cannot find the link to credit the original author / artist (this includes existing (fan)art of a character that you modeled yours after, or existing (fan)art of a character that happens to look just like yours, and yes this entails mainstream sources, #chan imageboards, Japanese websites, Quizilla spaces, and photobucket galleries) or get expressed permission from the original author / artist, you cannot use the writing / art on your page.

4. Your work must be decent. Even if you are not a fanfiction writer, we will be expecting a story format (no script / screenplay / chat logs allowed) with readable text, few (if any) spelling / grammatical errors, proper capitalization, etc. You can get help with this here. You don't need to have art of your OC, but it is preferred. Just be sure to specify that it is original art, or that you have permission to use the art (see rule #3 for more information)!

5. No AU characters. If your OC is based off of a Naruto AU (Alternate Universe) that is either of your own creation or someone else's, the OC will be taken off of the wiki. This wiki is dedicated to OCs who were written to exist in the canon Naruto universe ONLY.

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