Grass Release: Armor

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Sōton no Yoroi

Literal English

Grass Release Armor

English TV

Grass Armor



Grass Release Icon Kekkei Genkai, Ninjutsu


Grass Release Icon Grass Release




Short range

Hand Signs

Dragon → Snake


Shinji Yakusho

This technique creates a solid armor around Shinji. Bamboo serves as the armor plating, and blades of grass or vines grow between them to hold the plates together. The plates cover his body, limbs, and head to allow for maximum protection. If needed, more grass can be grown over top of the plating to add camouflage. Due to the traits of bamboo, the armor is very sturdy, while also being light weight. The armor has two main styles; Samurai and Acrobat.


Samurai is the armor's defense form. This form uses less grass around the joints, allowing for a more rigid design. Shinji makes use of this when being attacked. The armor is strong enough to stop most kunai or standard sword techniques. He has even been able to get through an exploding tag detonation relatively unharmed. The major downfall of this mode is that movement is difficult. Shinji will often remain in place while wearing it and wait out the attack.

Since bamboo works as a good insulator, he can also use this form in cold climates to keep warm.


Acrobat is the armor's speed form, and has more grass between the joints. This gives the armor more flexibility, allowing Shinji freer movement while wearing it. With this style, he can run and jump almost as easily as if he was armorless. He mostly uses this style sporadically; switching to it if he has to move quickly, then switching back to the more rigid design before getting attacked again. The main flaw of this mode is the joints. Since the grass holds the bamboo together, striking the joints may cause the armor to come apart. However, the grass can regrow to repair the armor if given enough time. Shinji can also get hurt if struck in these less protected areas.

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