Grass Release

Grass Release






Literal English

Grass Release

English TV

Grass Style


Known Wielders

Kasumi Mitou
Noriko Yakusho
Seishi Mitou
Shinji Yakusho


Grass Release: Absorption Fig Technique
Grass Release Armor
Grass Release: Bamboo Grove
Grass Release: Bog
Grass Release: Bur Spore Technique
Grass Release: Grass Ball Technique
Grass Release: Grass Needles
Grass Release: Helix Ivy Technique
Grass Release: Moss Wall
Grass Release: Mossy Terrain
Grass Release: Spiked Grass Ball Technique
Grass Release: Vine Cage Technique
Grass Release: Vine Strangling Technique
Grass Release: Water Expulsion

Kusagakure is known for a unique Kekkei Genkai called grass release. Grass release ninjutsu enables the wielder to create and control various aspects of vegetation. This means that, even though many ninja might acquire the skill, not many will share similar jutsu. The most common techniques learned through this Kekkei Genkai revolve around grasses specifically. Other plants used can include vines, burs, ivy, and figs. Kasumi Mitou and her older sister Seishi tend to use vines as their main weapon. Unlike wood release, grass release cannot create wood or trees. Grass release techniques are commonly affiliated with the Dragon seal.

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