The Golden Star Festival (金星祭, Kinhoshi MatsuriLiterally meaning: Gold Star Festival) is a holiday celebrated when Edagakure's sacred star tree produces fruit. After the fruit is harvested, they are randomly distrusted to villagers. Eating the fruit is said to bring an entire year of good luck and has been stated to be extremely sweet. Following the fruit's distribution, a full three days of celebration occurs.

The festival has no fixed day, but usually occurs in late May to early June and occurs even during wartime.


The Golden Star Festival was originally started by Eda's founder, Otakebi. Because of the major distrust between the village's four main tribes, he took fruit from the village's sacred tree and gave it to the various children of the tribes in order to try and bring the tribes closer together. Overtime the small festival evolved into what it is in the modern day with dancing, food and games (shinobi have to play blindfolded). The food is mainly a wide variety of fruit prepared in different ways, but certain meats are not uncommon. Aside from the fruit from the sacred tree, Rainforest Chocolate is considered the best delicacy served.

During the festival, paper lanterns are hung throughout the village and the sacred tree. During this time, villagers and shinobi pray and give offerings at the Sacred Tree Shrine. The festival is also considered the optimal time to propose to someone in Eda. Violence is severely discouraged, but in the event a fight starts, priest-nin will break it up and punish the offenders.


  • This festival is considered the most important holiday in Edagakure, even more so than the Rinne Festival.
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