Force Field Release



(力場遁, Rikibaton)





Literal English

Force Field Release

Viz Manga

Force Field Style



Naruto Episode 3

Appears In

Anime only


Known Wielders

Hayato Rikiba

Ichiro Rikiba

AikoAki Ayako

Akio Rikiba


Force Field Release: Shield

Force Field Release: Grand Explodion

Force Field Release: Invisibility Technique

Force Field Release: Giant Curtain

Force Field Release: Forse Field Illusion

Force Field Release: Pull Breakdown

Force Field Release (力場,遁 Rikibaton; English TV "Force Field Style") is an advanced nature kekkei genkai which functions outside of the five basic nature types. It is used to create and manipulate an invisible shield to protect yourself and your comrades, the user of this ability can also create a magnificent force field, which will send flying all enemies. Power of the force field depends on how much chakra the user transfers to the attack. Force Field is produced when the user divides his chakra frough all his body. Rikibaton Jutsu's are often paired with Chakra Manipulation and Chakra Molding Techniques. Force Field Release and it's related techniques are often affiliated with the Bird seal.

The Force Field Release was passed from generation to generation, since Hayato Rikiba who was the creator of this ability. Therefore this kekkei genkai are highly related to Rikiba clan and it's history. Rikibaton helped win many battles and because of this power Takigakure and whole Rikiba clan survived until this day. The users of Forse Field Release are mostly very strong and highly respected by the villagers of Takigakure.


  • The word "Rikibaton" (力場遁) literally means "force field".
  • Force Field Release can be paired with other nature types, like water release or wind release.
  • The users of this ability are only descendants of Hayato Rikiba.
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