Welcome to the N.O.W. Frequently Asked Questions page! Here you can find answers to some common questions asked. If your question wasn't answered here, contact a staff member and direct your question to them.

Who runs the place?

xStarcandy, BjornWhitman and Shadowpuppy270343 are currently the only active administrators who keeps the place tidy. Allismine, the creator of the Wiki, has been inactive for months, so xStarcandy applied for adoption! Bjorn and Shadow were eventually added to the staff some time later. However, it's the users that make the decisions and basically keep the N.O.W. up and running.

Can I make an article?

Of course! Please ensure that you know and follow the article guidelines and the guidelines of the N.O.W.

Can I edit other people's articles?

Yes, but be careful while doing so; do not change the information or write things that shouldn't be there. This is considered article vandalism and can get your IP banned from the N.O.W.

Do I have to register in order to contribute?

You can edit people's articles without registering, but we ask that you register if you are going to write your own.

Is there another way of contacting the administrators and mods?

Some administrators have left other means of contact on their pages. Otherwise, the only way to contact them is through their talk pages.

How do I make one of those ID Box/ Compulsory Information boxes?

Please refer to these tutorials: How To Create A Page For Your OC and Infobox Instructions.

Where Do I Start?

Please see this page for more information on how to write your OC's page.

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