I am not trying to steal any ideas or anything. This is just an example! She's 100% fake! Sorry if it's anybodies name!

Sukkari Mattaki(Completely Perfect)


Sukkari is the only child of Ganjou Hyuuga and Migoto Uchiha. She is the jinchuriki of the Ten Tailed Beast. Her parents lived in a small village outside of Konoha. When she was 3, her parents were bruttally murdered by three mysterious ninjas. They were later killed by her newly awakened Rinnegan. She went to the same orphanage as Sasuke and Naruto and they were instant friends. Her academy time was terrible. No one liked her and they would tease her for being different. She would kill the children that teased her. She graduated from the academy after only 3 monthes. She was a chuunin at age 5, a special jounin and master of Sharingan, Byakugan, and Rinnegan at age 6, and an ANBU captain and was asked to become a Hokage at age 8. As she "devolped" everyone couldn't help but love her. She is so beautiful, even the girls, love her. Many assasins, Orochimaru henchman, and Akatsuki spies tried to kill her, but she kept killing them. All of Konoha vows to protect her.


Hair: Jet Black

Eyes: Rinnegan(usually, unless something else is actvated)

Figure: Petite. Huge breasts and perfect hips.


-Knee length, flowing, shiny hair

-Bangs like Samui's

-Black dress like Suzumebachi's, except all detailing, including the cloth wrapped around it, are purple.

-Shoes like Tsunade's

-Hitai ite around her neck


She has all three main eye powers. Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, Byakugan, and Rinnegan. She is a genius with all of them. She's far better than Neji, Amazes Itachi, and her Rinnegan doesn't mess with her life span and it's even better than Pein's. She can mix them all together to make a legendary unnamed dojutsu that is more powerful than anything. She can competely manipulate her Ten tails. Madara desperately wants her Ten tails. She can control all elements and Realeses.