Dragon Lightning

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Literal English

Chain Dragon Lightning

English TV

Lightning Release: Dragon Lightning


Raiton: Dragon Lightning





Nature Icon Lightning Lightning Release






Mid Range (4-10m)

Hand Signs

Horse -> Monkey -> Boar -> Dragon


Akira Katsuragi

Dragon Lightning is an S-Rang-Nin-Jutsu and Akira Katsuragi's first own technique. She invented it some time after joining the ANBU of Konohagakure, after Kakashi Hatake made her friends with us. After some common missions and trainings Kakashi taught them the Chidori. His own Jutsu. The Chidori was the foundation on which Akira designed her Jutsu. 


With Dragon Lightning you first put your palms together after you have formed the necessary finger signs. Afterwards you direct so much Raiton chakra into both hands that it becomes visible to the outside. Then you pull your hands apart and a powerful collection of Raiton chakras is created in the form of an irregularly moving band.  The name comes from the sound of the chakra, which is reminiscent of the growl of a dragon. After forming the jutsu, you move a few meters away from your target and unleash it towards your opponent. This creates an energy beam of highly concentrated Raiton chakra. The damage is large and usually fatal. Akiras Dragon Lightning has such force and penetrating power that it usually pierces or destroys the opponent(s) completely. Unlike Kakashi's Chidori, this technique is not considered an assassination technique. Akira mostly uses it to destroy larger groups of enemies, which is due to the high speed and lethality of the execution, despite the loud noises.

The main disadvantage of Dragon Lightning is its great predictability. Because the attack has to be executed very fast, because you have to gain some distance to the target because of the power of the attack and it is only possible to move limited with the electrified hands because of the large chakra mass. This can create a kind of tunnel vision. Because of this and the clear line the opponent can easily counter or avoid, so Akira has to be sure that her attack hits the opponent. However, this disadvantage can be compensated by the Hiraishin no Jutsu, as she is able to react to the opponent's movements and, if necessary, to bring herself to safety. Another disadvantage of Jutsu is his immense chakra consumption. Despite her inhuman amount of chakra Akira also has a limit. She can only use this Jutsu fourteen times in a row before she would die of chakra shortage. However, it never happens that she has to use this jutsu more than twice in one fight. If you pass too much chakra through your hands, it can suffer burns and the nervous system can be attacked or irreparably destroyed.


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